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  1. Something similar happened to me several years ago. Years down the line, you'll find what you did was the more rewarding experience. 👍
  2. The silver coins were available as single coins and as continuity products when I looked.
  3. When I looked, all the coins (except the 10oz silver) were available with both options - one for just the coin, and one for the 2-coin series, but the prices look the same so it's pretty confusing.
  4. I added the 2oz gold to my basket before buying all the silver ones instead, and it was still in stock after I bought those. I was tempted, but lol 5k! Did I miss a trick there
  5. Seems pretty risky selling something on eBay right now but not posting it until more than a month later, wouldn't that invalidate the seller's protection if the buyer claims it never arrived, even if there is proof that it arrived?
  6. I went for a 2oz and 5oz in silver, and then managed to get in a 10oz silver literally 5 seconds before I got called in to my dentist appointment! Would have been the most annoying appointment in the world if payment hadn't gone through first time!
  7. 2oz gold: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/the-great-engravers/gothic-crown/gothic-crown-quartered-arms-2oz-gold-proof-coin/
  8. A countable noun and an uncountable noun walk into a bar. "What kind of crazy pun setup is this?!" demands the bartender. Both nouns shrug and proceed to ask the bartender for a drink and some drink.
  9. That's what I thought, and that's all I was interested in until all you swines got me hooked and made me buy the proofs as well
  10. Being pedantic, bullion is a noun. It's an uncountable noun. 😎
  11. I assumed the discount was for taking it up! 🤣
  12. Assuming everyone will be using the national grid to charge their cars, this is the current status. Its looks promising, as fossil fuels stood at about 54% five years ago - and it's only going to get better if the goal is to eliminate fossil fuel use entirely by 2035.
  13. Or maybe not... the delivery I was notified about today turned out to be some coin capsules I'd forgotten I'd ordered from RM more than a week ago.
  14. The lower desirability of (and therefore lower demand for) platinum bullion is evident from posts on this forum, and certain dealers being reluctant to stock it in the first place for those reasons. As for the rarity, https://www.royalmint.com/invest/discover/gold-news/how-rare-are-precious-metals/ says: The rarity of a metal is best expressed as its ‘mass fraction’, or how many kg can be expected to be found per billion kg of crust material. Of course, they are not evenly distributed or mining would be impossible, but the number is still useful. Gold – 4 parts per billion Silver – 75 parts per billion Platinum – 5 parts per billion Osmium – 1.5 parts per billion Other Platinum group metals – 1 part per billion or less
  15. No, platinum is slightly more abundant than gold. So gold is actually rarer; but platinum coins remain far less common than gold coins simply because they are less desirable.
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