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  1. To one and all. I'd really like to thank you all for your comments - really impressed with the level of knowledge and detail and the time taken to weigh it up and respond to my query. The overall opinion seems to be it's a bit too high a premium unless I'm really keen on it for specific collectable/completion reason. So I think I'll leave it there and move on. Will keep on lurking to gain more info and knowledge. regards Rob
  2. Thanks all. I was wavering with some of the questions/comments you all raise - hence the post. Some new queries there as well - I suppose the availability was the big temptation. Definitely a bit of 'gold fever''. Slightly less tempted after reading those. Sound advice.
  3. Hi - first post - just looking for some advice/viewpoints. Been lurking here just picking up info and tips. I have an opportunity to pick up a bullion 1oz Lion of England for £2,000. Lots of places on the internet at around the same figure and one or two a bit cheaper (£1,700), but very, very few actually in stock. This one is ready and waiting. I've seen the love for all the QB's here - is this one too good an opportunity to miss? Any advice/views/comments welcome.
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