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  1. Price (in EUR or USD) = spot + 23% (+ UPS parcel from Poland).
  2. Unicorn of Scotland - 1/4 oz gold. Falcon of the Plantagenets - 1/4 oz gold. Price (in EUR or USD): spot + 25% (+ UPS parcel from Poland).
  3. Lion and Griffin are sold. Red Dragon is for sale (spot + 25% (+UPS parcel)).
  4. Bump. Only today Red Dragon for 465 euro (+UPS parcel).
  5. Griffin is sold. Red Dragon is for sale for 470 EUR.
  6. Bump. Euro price: 940 EUR for both coins (470 EUR each).
  7. Bump. Final reduction to 1080 USD for both coins (540 USD each).
  8. Bump. Price down to 1100 USD for both coins (550 USD each).
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