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  1. Thank you! @tallthinkev @StackemHigh and @GBStacking Some really helpful responses and reinforcing of what others have said, appreciate all the help. Really happy i joined the Silver forum!
  2. Thank you all for the insights, defo a lot to consider especially regarding buyers and that 1/4's or Sovs will be easier to get rid of. Thanks to @Stuntmanfor a visual comparison that was very helpful and very nice to see some of your cool coins. I will definitely check the offers and sellers of the forum before i got to a dealer as i really want to support the members on the forum.
  3. Thank you very much for letting me know and i will consider that and get in touch with you when i decide to purchase but probably won't be until end of next month, I'll enquire with you first and check if you still have any. I am aware that Sovs are similar with lower premium but i would prefer the Brit anyway. Thanks again
  4. Thank you all! lots to consider. I like what @Tn21 has to say, many people probably struggle with buying a whole ounce and if i think about my exit strategy, being able to sell as quick and easy as possible will be beneficial so I think i'll buy the 1/4s and get an ounce one day
  5. I really want to purchase some gold as i have filled my first tube of silver and want to celebrate. Now i cannot afford to get a one ounce gold coin in one go, sadly. So i am considering buying a quarter ounce coin instead as i can afford that but thinking i may be making a mistake. Would anyone recommend that i buy a 1/4 ounce for now and then get 3 more over time? Or should i just be patient and save up for the ounce? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello and welcome, you have a nice day too!
  7. Welcome to the forum! I love the quote!
  8. I've used them a number of times now and never had any issues at all, very happy with service. Was the first site i ever purchased from.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Hope you can find an answer but i haven't heard of them either.
  10. Very big welcome to the forum!
  11. Well that is the million £ question isn't it. My hope is that it does especially the silver, gold i am not really worried about but i do hope silver becomes more valuable in the future. I also feel not many people stack, i could be wrong of course but no one i know does it and even the people with the disposable cash it seems off their radar. So i hope the foresight to stack precious metals pays off! I should say that precious metals isn't the only basket i put my eggs in and is part of a diversified portfolio but it is a pleasure having an investment i can hold in my hand and admire. I think i will hold on a bit longer than 10/20 years before i sell though and make sure leave something for loved ones. What about you? Think there is a decent profit in it?
  12. As i am still very new to stacking i have not been able to collect a series of coins yet and i have been considering this series as i love the look of the Robin Hood coin and although i agree it is a bit messy, i do like this 2nd coin in the series also. I am still on the fence though, i like Robin Hood and his tale in general but not enough to get excited over a coin collection. I guess it is a question of, will the coins hold more value in the future due to the Robin Hood link? Or would i be better off just adding to my Britannia stack? I need to decide soon though, so i do not miss out.
  13. Hello and welcome!
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