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  1. A really fascinating read, Widsith! I also love the Byzantine Empire. Fingers crossed for a Netflix show about Justinian and Belisarius
  2. Hi morezone Please may I buy this? I have PM'd you All the best Matt
  3. Makes sense! I love it's analogue charm - looks particularly endearing measuring that sovereign Yes, dropping instruments tends to not do them some good! I'm not sure our mechanical cal engineers would repair such an item (I'm just a humble electrical cal engineer), **puts on salesman hat** but we'd be happy to test its accuracy through a calibration if you ever need one doing - please feel free to give us a ring sometime at Poole Instrument Calibration Ltd 😉 Would love to see it in use, maybe photo it on instagram and become famous to my ones-of-followers. Leave my old life of obscurity behind.
  4. @LawrenceChard that leveridge gauge is a fascinating measuring instrument. I work at a UKAS Calibration laboratory and have never seen one before! To how many microns/mm did that micrometer accurately perform during its last annual calibration at 20 mm out of interest?
  5. Hi BiteSize Please may I have ten? PM me your bank details and I'll pop that over Many thanks Matt
  6. Good afternoon, all Does anyone have a used Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier tester that they no longer want? If so, please could you PM me how much you'd like for it? Many thanks for your help Matt
  7. Beautiful coin! Makes me want to buy a metal detector and go treasure hunting!
  8. MattyBoo


    I can confirm that the eBay Sovereign seller is indeed a charlatan - and not just for gold! I bought his mens blue pills for 12.99 - these turned out to blue M&Ms. I'm taking him to small claims court. Touch wood his defence won't stand up.
  9. Congrats @Yann! I'm new here, if one is a Platinum Member, then one gets entered into a platinum prize draw every so often automatically? If so, I may have to upgrade soon!
  10. @Mrpound thank you for the help!
  11. Hi all, thank you for your thoughtful replies. I think I will get the paid membership in the future when I am ready to sell, and will do as Mrpound advises and build up my own feedback with smaller purchases until then Many thanks for your insights, and thank you again for your warm reception to a new member Warmest Regards Matt
  12. Hi all, my name's Matt and I'm new here. Previously bought some silver on eBay like a pleb, but hey ho, gotta grow up some day! Excited to buy some gold and silver on here as prices here look decent. Want to accumulate enough precious metal overtime so that I can masquerade as a nuanced investor to my family, when I'm secretly only doing it for the aesthetically-pleasing shiny stack that I hope to create over time like a deranged magpie-pirate With all due seriousness though, if anyone is selling 10g, 20g, 50g, or half an ounce of gold (or a 1 kg of silver) at basically spot price, then please gimme a shout - I'm happy to drive over to you if not too far, or discuss how best to deliver if not (I'm based in Poole, Dorset) Look forward to speaking to you all All the best Matt
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