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  1. That link just comes up as: We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  2. Mine was similar to Iacabu’s, except the chocolate lasted for less time than his video. I was surprised at the variety, and I could give some of it to my great nephew to see if he gets the bug. Collecting old tanners should be within his budget.
  3. I received an RM Sovereign with the bubble-wrap inside, unfortunately the capsule still separated on the underside. There was less space for it to cause damage, but clearly the capsules are inferior to the earlier type. Maybe they should spend a bit less on boxes, and more on protecting the coins.
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dragon-Apocalypse-Silver-Coin-Cameroon/dp/B0947HFXM7
  5. I ordered mine at around 15:50 and it was free postage. I used to love 'lucky bags' when I was a kid, and 50-odd years later it looks like I still do, the worst that can happen is I won't have to look for Xmas presents for the family.
  6. I don't care much for the monopoly money, but those coins are really attractive, lots of things to see in a small area.
  7. The 2022 Pandas should be arriving shortly, but they are only 30g, if that matters. The gold proof tiger looks good, but I watched the unboxing on Bullion Now in Melbourne (YouTube) and the colourised Tiger looks brilliant. I don't normally like painted coins but these tigers were made for it.
  8. I'm still interested if you have one left.
  9. When I was a kid (pre-decimal) half a crown was also known as half a dollar, so a dollar would have been the equivalent of 25p.
  10. I think the 100g forum bar is ideal for this purpose, either kept in it's bag or loose in the little pocket of Levis/Wranglers.
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