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  1. Finally, a proper use for that odd little pocket in my jeans, a precious metal pocket 🙂
  2. Pretty much the same for me, hobby/investment. I stick to newish stuff, as I've no idea what I'd be getting into with older coins. I do like the different coins of the world though, so I'll probably try to get an America Eagle, then Buffalo, then Mexican Libertad or 50 Peso, I'll have to read up on Ukranian stuff like Noah's ark, etc, but it means I've got a hobby that should have some lasting interest, it's not like I'm buying a coin a week. I suppose it's a bit like expensive stamp collecting.
  3. Sometimes you have to buy, regardless of the current price, just to get into the habit. I've been meaning to buy for years and just didn't get around to it, so I recently decided to take the plunge just to stop procrastinating. Hopefully, in a few years time the purchase price of those two bars won't matter that much to you. Most hobbies have a cost so I accept the ups and downs as part of the ride.
  4. Hi, like some of the others I came here after watching a dozen or so Backyard Bullion videos on YouTube. I’ve only just started with metals, partly as a way making saving more attractive, and I’ve found it quite addictive. Call me old-school but I do like coins rather than certificates, but I realise I’ve lots to learn. Cheers Arcadian
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