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  1. I think the 100g forum bar is ideal for this purpose, either kept in it's bag or loose in the little pocket of Levis/Wranglers.
  2. I'll have five, or add me to the pre-order waiting list if you've sold out.
  3. I could see it replacing a Newton’s cradle in the CEO’s office, but for many I think the ping tester would be first stop.
  4. I'd like one, if you have any left over.
  5. That’s a very interesting article, thanks for posting it.
  6. It does make you wonder why he didn't invest in a Canadian or US startup mine, perhaps the return was dazzling in Mongolia, 'all that glisters is not gold'.
  7. Arcadian

    Silver teapot

    RSP co. is probably the Raeno Silver Plate Company of Birmingham. It appears the slightly polished away banner above it says Raeno.
  8. Silver is heavy so local mints will always have lower transport costs. Perth mint has to get it's coins and bars halfway around the world to the UK, so it's not surprising they are more expensive compared with spot price, coins from the US mint face the same problem in Europe. I'd look at bars if all I was interested in was bullion, but then I'd face potential cgt costs at sale time. You can't win.
  9. A quick Google suggests it's caused by leftover traces of borax, used in the manufacturing process. I don't know if this is true, but it might explain the random nature of spotting.
  10. I apologise for any misunderstanding, it's a long-standing personal mistrust I have for any business that calls itself a misleading name. A quick Wikipedia shows: A mint is an industrial facility which manufactures coins that can be used as currency.
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