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  1. Agree, I did back up the truck. That truck was just part of the one that fills a vault in Canada. Depends why you are holding it I guess. I have questions around the security of 3rd party anything. However those questions are not extreme enough to 100% just opt out. It has just become more extreme such that having a decent chunk out of the system is worth it to me now.
  2. My long term physical bullion holding I am expecting to sit about 15% silver and 85% in Gold. The way the UK works having a large amount in physical for Silver is just a brutal upfront cost. So beyond an amount as an insurance to trade with I will stick with gold. I won't sell what I have as it was not really bought for that. Maybe a few as a general way to see how the private market process is. Unlike my gold the silver is not something I will just trade at spot to a dealer. Any amount I want beyond that will be as a trade and will just buy some PSLV. There are the odd silver coin that looks cool that I may buy. However I don't consider these as an investment the same and just as something I want to own. If you were patient enough to just sit and pick off the odd deal that comes up then silver would be more worth it. For me it is a gradual purchase to keep my weighting of overall bullion to Net Worth at around the 15% mark.
  3. Cheers everyone, Been gradually convincing a few people I know they should consider a bit of bullion as insurance. Can feel more people start to think about it. Good to find somewhere that has a group of people that already think the metals still have value. I move from investment only to long term mindset only over the last couple years.
  4. I just bought a few more coins today. I had planned to not buy any more as I reckoned I had enough stashed away. Been watching the price tumble and happy to scoop some up with cash that had been burning a hole in the bank.
  5. I was hovering over buying this completely by accident earlier this week but didn't appreciate there was only going to be so many. Still not clear if I would have bought one had they still been there. However the fact that it is not there now makes me annoyed now. It is one that is big enough and cool enough to display, so I guess the price is much less of a concern.
  6. Hello Everyone, Just a hello from the UK. I am currently an early retiree who has been transferring over my vaulted gold and silver to physical instead. It did well, but the counterparty risk in the current climate means I no longer view the bullion allocation as insurance anymore. Majority of what I had has now been reallocated to physical. Mostly sovereigns, britannias and then a few other items that I thought looked nice and to get a little bit of variety. I have target bullion price (silver didn't really work as well there). Shame everything was processed before I spotted this forum and had a look around. Would have made that switch easier I think. I don't intend to sell in the immediate future, however I may keep an eye on the trade areas in the future if I do happen to pick up work again. I don't have any immediate plans to accumulate more though, if anything it would be allocation switches from other investments. cheers Sparkie
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