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  1. Thank you for your help. I’ve been doing that too, but get confused with the different conditions and grading etc. For the same sovereign I get given different prices by people selling such as for a 2013 Bombay I got offered £509.
  2. Thank you for that. How much do they usually go for?
  3. Hi there, I am interested in this Bombay mint sovereign and I was wondering if someone can help identify any faults or anything before I buy. also roughly on how much I should pay as a maximum as I am still fairly new to sovereigns. Kind regards mb
  4. Hi there, How much would you say it’s worth? Also what would you describe as average grade? regards
  5. Thank you so much for your advice and guidance! I have had a look at shields and they were out of my current budget. But this is something I would love to add to my collection too. Are there any websites you recommend where I can get more information on the different type of sovereigns? The 1918 one is definitely next on my list. Would eBay be reliable if it comes with certificates and boxing etc? Kind Regards MB
  6. Thank you very much, you too.
  7. Hi there, Thank you so much. I will have a look at those. I am really interested in getting the 1918 Bombay mint sovereign. That’s next on my list hopefully.🤞
  8. Hi there, Im interested in purchasing a 1918 Bombay Mint Sovereign in ms grade, What is the maximum I should pay for this coin? any guidance would be appreciated please Kind regards mb
  9. Hi, Hope everyone is well. Just purchased my first sovereign coin ( 1891 London Mint Victoria Jubilee Head Full Sovereign Gold Coin) Any opinions on the coin would be much appreciated. Also how much should this coin be for ?
  10. muneeb

    eBay yet again

    Try Facebook message them or Twitter dms, They always answer there. Shouldn’t be an issue, if it leads to a issue then ring your bank and they should help if eBay don’t.
  11. I’ve been checking ebay, but I will look at dealers and more on the forum too. I will have a look into shields, thank you for your recommendation. regards
  12. Fair enough, I’ve just gotten into sovereigns but I prefer the old ones rather than the new sovereigns.
  13. Yes, the prices on them are £400+ on auctions I have checked. They sell for a high price. Definitely not wanting a modern sovereign. The old ones just look more aesthetically better. Hopefully I get myself that. Thank you for your help. regards
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