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  1. Hello all, Felt like I had to post this as no one else would be interested! I’m still very new to this hobby, but I picked up this pair of £1 Jersey proofs today for 5% over spot so I figured that I couldn’t go too wrong if they were worth nothing more than spot! I like to send a lot of my coins off to NGC for grading, but they’re generally more popular UK releases (Britannias, sovereigns etc.) I know that a lot of people aren’t that interested in the grading side of things, but for those who are, what do you think? Is it worth sending these lesser known/sought after releases off?
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome all! It’s great to see such a wide variety of collectors and read your stories. My collection is based on modern proofs, but I can definitely appreciate some of the older coins - I’ve always thought the shield back sovereigns are absolutely stunning!
  3. First time posting on any kind of forum, hi everyone! This seems like a great community and I'm looking forward to getting more involved I actually got into coin collecting as I bought a platinum 1/2 oz maple leaf proof coin off of eBay without even knowing what a proof was! Just liked the look of it! What coins have got others hooked on this addictive hobby?
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