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  1. Thanks so much for the kind welcomes trp and CadmiumGreen : )
  2. Many thanks for the welcome and advice Alex. I actually had just taken a picture doing just as you mentioned as I saw the advice given on a guideline post.
  3. Hi Darr3nG, Thanks for the welcome! I actually lived in the UK too for about 6 years before moving here to Spain a few years ago now. I've not been back to the UK since and had hoped to have a holiday back to visit friends last year but...you know. Maybe next year. I tend to agree with you there about the selling at the moment. I purchased about 4 years ago and forgot all about it - though we are hoping to buy a property here in the near future which has provoked the desire to sell a portion of what I currently have. Well, assuming I am able to that is - not fully sure how many peo
  4. Item: 20oz (1 Tube) of Vienna Philharmonic | Silver | 2017 (Austria) Condition notes: Never opened from the Tube - seal intact. Price: €520 Postage & Insurance: To be paid for by the buyer. I am happy to facilitate. Item Location: Spain Shipping destinations: Within Europe Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer in Euro or GBP only Dispatch Time: Immediate or as soon as is physically possible with shipping company, once payment has processed. Note: This is my first sale here so I appreciate there may be some issues with trust etc. I am happy to
  5. Hey everyone, I am Niall and originally from Ireland, though I currently live in Spain. I have been reading this forum over the last weeks and eventually joined today. I am by no means any expert or major hold any deep knowledge on silver but some years ago I invested my work Bonus into some Silver Bullion (probably one of my wiser decisions of my late 20s) some of which I am considering parting with. From what I have been reading here, it looks like a great community and I am very much appreciative that such a place exists. So for that, thank you to all the contributors and organisers h
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