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  1. Any shield sovs in good dates and good condition and hopefully good prices lol? Cheers people
  2. Hi I'm selling my 50th anniversary Krugerrand. Special date and comes boxed and with papers. Had the coin under my loupe and it's got a hell of a lot of gradeing potential. Looking for 500 ideally but I am slightly flexible.
  3. Got these 3 2021 quarter sovereigns. 200 quid for the lot. Any takers?
  4. Has there been a mistake on the mayflower slab lol because it was the 400th anniversary not the 600th?
  5. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    When I get hold of my full 89 sov gonna keep hold of both that and my half for at least 10 year. I can imagine the value of it will rise quite well in future
  6. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    Mines a pf70 slabbed there's 1 on coin cabinet and already at pre bidding it's 900 quid
  7. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    Just sorted out a deal with someone to buy there 1989 full sov for 1800. Good deal or not?
  8. Can you send me more pics of the 1875 mate
  9. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    Yeah that's my next target lol Cheers for the advice mate
  10. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    I'm planning on keeping it long term 10 years plus in order to maximize it's value increase
  11. Dougall1

    1989 half sov

    Just purchased a 1989 half sov at pf70 grade. Do you think the value will increase much in future?
  12. Dougall1

    1883 sov

    Yes a shield pal
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