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  1. Nice delivery from the postman today. He brought me a 1899 full sov in great condition and finally managed to get my hands on the gold sovereign book.
  2. Dougall1

    Bit of advice

    Hi mate I've decided to concentrate just on the gold stacking focusing solely on sovereigns. Just makes it easier just putting my money into one thing as well instead of splashing my money here there and everywhere.
  3. Ok mate will order a copy over the weekend. Cheers
  4. Just messaged them mate
  5. Hi. Does anybody know where the current up to date book is in stock at the moment? Haveing a hard time finding it
  6. Dougall1

    Bit of advice

    Think I'm leaning towards stopping the stocks and shares and focus solely on the gold stacking
  7. 40th bloody hell. I'll get there eventually lol
  8. Dougall1

    Bit of advice

    My plan is 1 a month for the next 5 to 10 years and see where that takes me
  9. Dougall1

    Bit of advice

    Hello people As you all know I've just started stacking. Also at the minute I'm dabbling in stocks and shares buts it's a little bit too hit and miss for me and was thinking on knocking that on the head and just concentrating on gold. Would you recommend that or any advice? Cheers
  10. Well broke my virginity and got my first full sovereign. Goes well with my 2 quarter sovereigns I got the other day. Gonna aim for a full sovereign each month. Brought it on here from andrewSL76. Fast efficient service. Pleasure doing business with you mate.
  11. Got this mint condition 1911 George v milled half crown for sale. The same coin is selling for 3-4 hundred on some sites. Looking for 150-200 plus or would swap for any gold
  12. Dougall1

    Fed up with eBay

    eBay's dieing in its arse now. They have become too greedy in my opinion.
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