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  1. yes haha I did notice 👍
  2. ill PM you, thanks thank you!, ill PM you now
  3. looking at getting my first pieces of 1oz silver bullion, as I am starting my stack now at the age of 17 interested in anything really around the £30-£35 mark if anything is available at that price Thanks Harry
  4. thank you very much! sounds like I've made the right decision yes, would very much like to get a few pieces in the future
  5. thank you very much 👍
  6. thank you very much thank you very much thank you very much, I will have a look on that page
  7. Hi everyone, I am interested in starting to stack silver with the hope of small gold pieces in the near future. I am still a teenager and wanting to start stacking now as a long term investment, I've seen 1oz coins etc on the royal mint but like people have said they have a premium, tax etc. I am really interested in learning more so any help would be massively appreciated, I have also scoured youtube for any information. For my interested of stacking as a long term investment, say 2oz a month would you all say buying from dealers, second hand etc would be best or possibly buying from those websites, or also pouring my own silver bars as that does look very interesting. But all advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Harry edit: also curious in my case for wanting to stack, would coins or bars be better? or anything else I should look at getting over something else?
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