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  1. Hello Forum, I ordered 2 x Una and the Lion 1oz Silver bars as part of an order some months ago on a well known Belgian bullion website. The ordered was confirmed and paid for. Several weeks later, I received a message saying that they were having difficulty in sourcing this product and asked for my bank details for a refund. I am a bit irritated as I was looking forward to owning these bars and also that when you are about to confirm the order on their website, it says something to the effect that the sale is a contract that I cannot break. Has this happened to anyone else? Anything that can be done about it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Tn21. I had a similar feeling myself but noticed at a €12 premium over the 10 oz QB White Greyhound on a Belgian website!
  3. Hi, what are your views on whether the 2021 10 oz Silver Brittania coin will be particularly collectible? Is this the first 10 oz Brittania coin? Thanks.
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