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  1. Probably but remember Northern Rock crises. When people feel that their money / gold / silver et al is at risk they may want to get hold of it.
  2. The answer is, how high the silver will rise will depend on the level of inflation, i.e. depends how worthless the fit currency will become over time.
  3. GenX

    for sale World gold coins

    In reality the level of tax depends on whether the goods are marked as merchandise or a gift.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-57402432 This is quite a coin!
  5. GenX

    for sale World gold coins

    @AlL Yes https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty
  6. @lextex Yes, you're correct, silver does have a greater industrial use compared to gold. However, at least in the UK, silver has unreasonable premiums and VAT over spot price, i.e. market price, which makes it expensive to buy compared to gold spot price. https://www.gold.co.uk/silver-price/10year/ounces/USD/ Re interest rates, I guess it's treasury bill rates in the US. This may answer the question. https://www.thebalance.com/current-federal-reserve-interest-rates-4770718
  7. @lextex In general, gold will do well when inflation hits. However, it won't do so well if the interest rates go up. We can speculate, that both are a real possibility in not so distant future. But of course, none of us knows for sure what will happen on the right side of the graph.
  8. GenX

    Bit of advice

    @Dougall1 It may be more prudent to have some allocation in stocks in your ISA or SIPP and a smaller portion of your portfolio in gold. Historically stocks have produced better returns than gold. PMs are more of an insurance policy to preserve your wealth. But, of course, it all depends on your investment aims.
  9. GenX

    Bit of advice

    @Rll1288 A very wise decision. The last year has changed habits for many of us. I'm wondering if the current stock market bull run is partly "sponsored" by people who are spending less and therefore investing in stocks.
  10. GenX


    Hello to you too @CRJ Welcome!
  11. Welcome @SilverSavage501 Good to have you here!
  12. Welcome @Queenb4u Good to have you here!
  13. Welcome @AgAuEire Good to have you here. Fakes - buy from here or from reputable dealers, avoid eBay Deals - this forum Sales section or Gold Deals section Care - keep in capsules Storage - home or bank safe
  14. Welcome @Silverharley Good to have you here! Good price to buy sovereigns would be gold spot price +5% give or take, e.g today that would be £43.20 x 7.32g + 5% = £332 (spot price per gram x sovereign gold content +5%). https://www.gold.co.uk/gold-price/gold-price-chart/
  15. Welcome @AussieSilverStandard Good to have you here!
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