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    Sovereign query

    I’m fairly new to collecting sovs and trying to get the 5 Elizabeth’s and the Victoria sovs. Does anyone know why ER 2 third head is difficult to get.?
  2. I’m new here and got a couple of 1 oz gold coins ( really nice) couple of sovs ( bit underwhelming) and the ‘seven’ 1oz coins in silver. Having trawled lots of posts on here, it seems the best way to stack pm is go for gold, to avoid vat and space, probably sovs as they are easy to offload and relative low premium. My budget is around £350 per month so thinking of getting 1 sov per month. I then started looking into collecting different heads, proof, unc, bu etc and that’s when the costs get silly. Also I see grade b coins but to be honest Im not particularly bothered if the coins are scratched / worn etc after all they are really old coins! At the end of the day I suppose it’s just gold and when cashed in by my kids 😀 , they will only get close to spot so probably best for me to buy it as close to that as poss as I’m ‘investing’ rather than ‘collecting’. I see a few dealers do a lucky dip - best value coins so thinking about that too, anyone go that route, was wondering do you get different heads etc as it might make the hobby more interesting but keep costs down?. Of course this forum seems great for buying sovs tho you have to be quick. Any advice or opinions welcomed. ged
  3. A gold 1oz is beautiful and great to hold. I was massively underwhelmed when I bought my first sov, but I always think it’s worth £300 and it cheers me up. My plan is to collect different heads but not pay over the top or going looking for rare ones. Unless you are loaded I’d invest in sovs and buy a few 1oz silver coins ( the big 7) for interests sake.
  4. Just started on the PM journey. I’ve been dipping my toe in for last couple of years but now want to start accumulating. For pure interest sake I’ve got Gold - 2 x 1oz gold coins, 2 full sovs. Silver - the 7 main silver 1oz coins plus 3 perth lunar 2 silver coins. Not particularly interested in collecting although I might try finish the lunar series in slow time. Watched loads of YouTube vids on silver stacking and looks tempting to get as many silver brits as I can. I want to remove the emotions and just want to go cheapest route - secondary market to avoid the 20% vat . I want to regularly spend around £300-£400 per month. So question is one vat free sov per month ( easy to source ) or loads of silver brits ( hassle to get them cheaper) per month. Any advice appreciated.
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