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  1. Coins are starting to arrive. Fun fun. I ended up getting #oo6 for two coins! 10 oz Silver and 2 oz Gold. They both look awesome. @BackyardBullion posted pics of the 10 oz but here are some pics of the 2 oz gold in case you haven’t seen it in the wild yet. The size and clarity of the Panther is perfect.
  2. We’ll you are not alone. I ended up getting just a single 1 oz Queen Beast coin in blister pack labeled with Trial docs. Figured not too $ to get some exposure to this line. It does not sound like the boxes come with any distinguishing call outs except extra handling
  3. Thanks for starting the thread, I have some questions too. The Trial of the Pyx proof coins don't seem to have any documentation or proof they are Trial of the Pyx besides your receipt? Is that correct? No special COA or packaging or coin markings? - minus what sounds to be markings from abuse @BackyardBullion thanks for the investor advice, sounds about right.
  4. This bug has to do with your address. I've been plagued by this for over a month on the BU side and of course right around the launch of the Tudor. Double check your address and or delete it and add it back. Hopefully that will do the trick for you.
  5. Excellent video and thank you for posting. Still waiting for the coins to make their way across the pond to California but now even more excited to see them, especially the 10 oz. I have a 2 kilo on order and will try to post some pictures when that arrives, though I think that’s coming later.
  6. Looks like they are starting to show sold out. 10 oz Silver Sold Out 5 oz Silver Sold Out 2 oz Silver Sold Out
  7. Next big launch, date TBD, is the expected follow on in the Engraver's Series.
  8. Yeah, the fact that you get a case is a great addition to this series over the last one.
  9. So for those asking, I could only get the trick to work on the phone, and I had to use a bookmarked link, then once you get to search, search for Tudor. They all come up. Coins on the website include: 5 oz Silver 387.50 2 oz Gold 4650 2 oz Silver 154 1 oz Silver 79.17 1 oz Gold 2440 You can order the following via your account manager if you have one.. 10 oz Silver 2 Kg Silver 1 Kg Silver (didn't ask, but assume) 5 oz Gold (didn't ask, but assume)
  10. Your trick worked!! Had the shopping cart all figured out and ran into the same trouble I've been getting on the BU site, can't add a new card.. web bug. Ugh! Thankfully my account manager got things ordered, but sure does take the fun out of waiting up to order this stuff.
  11. Double thanks for posting these. Do you know if the 2 kg silver will be offered in an hour?
  12. I think you are right about the design growing on folks. Look at the automobile market, many designs alienate in the very beginning, but over time. The 10 oz Silver should look great!
  13. What about 2kg silver? Was planning to get these... any advice? Over zeolous? Sounds like reactions are mixed. 2 Kilo Silver 2 oz Gold 10 oz Silver 5 oz Silver 2 oz Silver 1 oz Silver
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