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  1. 199 please. 🤖 (Just posting this side of the update in case last one got lost #donthateme)
  2. Thanks Sovereign Steve, yours and the other comments in this thread really lifted my spirits
  3. Falling about laughing at this. It's such a shame that proofs are so hard to enjoy. Yeah I used to use dust off to clean my records and you never can be 100% sure that there isn't a wet blast coming. One benefit of my recent disaster is that I got to spend a lot of time with the coin outside of its case. Even now it it beautiful from certain angles, like liquid metal. An experience I wouldn't want to risk again unless I was in a dust free vacuum chamber and possibly wearing a space suit.
  4. Oh wow 🤣 that would have been great. I mean the image arguably makes more sense in colour. Than again how cool would it have been to ressurect an original Alfred coin?
  5. Excellent article! Thanks for sharing. By the way I should add that the Canute proof is a really breathtaking coin. Photos and videos really don't do it justice. Now I've recovered a bit, I reckon I'll probably flog this and splash out for another before long.
  6. Oh yes 100% Good advice.
  7. So I know there are people in the world with real problems right now and nobody died or lost an eye but just wanted to share this story. Hopefuly might give someone a LOL. So I've never been a proof guy... but picked up a silver proof King Canute cus I really liked the design. Anyway that bad boy arrived in the post yesterday. I opened him up and to my shock there was a brown globule of water inside the capsule. I don't know if it was condensation or what. I also know that I should have left well enough alone, contacted the seller and sent it back. But I was a fool... an impat
  8. "These days if you say you're English you get arrested and thrown in jail" 😁
  9. Thor rocked up at my house today...
  10. Don't want to spam this thread with my junk silver but I ordered some more rocking horses during the week and this one just blows my mind. The muscles on the horse, the mottled rubbery skin of the dragon, the beautiful texture in the horse blanket. George has lost a bit of detail around his hairline but this one really showcases his steely Yul Brynner expression haha!😁
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that! I literally sit round admiring that design. Mrs thinks I'm a nutter😄
  12. A pocket money pickup. Got a few of these but I love this design and this one really pops.
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