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  1. Not sure how i could have stored them better really. Sealed capsules, in a pelican microcase, in a dry drawer. All other silver bought at the same time, in the same box all shiny as new, including eagles, krug, maple and pandas
  2. Well I wont be buying any more silver from the Royal Mint. I bought some 2021 Britannias last year, kept in capsules and in pelican cases and they have all spotted terribly. Basically just junk silver just 9 months later! Almost no shine on a couple of them.
  3. Having a clear out of some of the coins I bought last year so I can purchase some extra 2022 Sovereigns. I know I don't have much seller feedback but I would like payment before postage please. If they don't sell they'll go on Ebay where I have 100% seller feedback since 2004. I have the following: 1898 Sovereign, sold as bullion, in airtite capsule: £365 SOLD 1912 Sovereign, sold as bullion, in airtite capsule: £365 SOLD 2021 1oz Silver Britannia x 2 (some milking evident on both), in lighthouse capsules: £22 each SOLD 2021 1oz Silver Krugerrand x1 (perfect condition), in lighthouse capsule: £26 - SOLD 1986 1oz American Silver Eagle (first year of issue), bullion condition, in lighthouse capsule: £28 SOLD Post at buyers' choice, Paypal or Bank transfer both fine. Thanks
  4. Wonder how scratched/marked it is? 😄.
  5. Number 081 arrived in the post this morning. Looks great as usual. Thanks again BYB 👍 Now to save up for the 3oz round later in the year.
  6. Hi All, My first sale so please be gentle. I bought a load of silver Brits last year but want to unload some to help fund a 2022 gold sovereign. Unfortunately some have gone somewhat 'milky' despite being in their capsules from day one and only handled once by me with gloves. Please see images below for detail. Therefore I've priced them accordingly. I'm asking for £115 for all 5 (£23.50 each), not including postage at buyer's risk/choice. Capsules included. Rough postage prices are: Special Delivery £7.50, 24hr tracked £5.80, 48hr tracked £4.70 Payment by Paypal FF or bank transfer please.
  7. Hi BYB. I'll have one please, my serial from last year is #081 so same again please 😊
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