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  1. Thanks Liam84, I appreciate it! I'm ordering some Delft clay to see if its the petrobond that's giving me grief.
  2. I've had a chunk of sand fall into the mold which didn't seem to effect the cast other then leaving a void where I didn't plan one. this one was strange in that it seemed to cool, the sprew matted over then the mold suddenly popped open.. is it air escaping?? so frustrating. plenty of people are making great hand casts with just a little map gas torch, unfortunately nobody seems to be posting their failures to learn from. maybe its normal to have 2 out of 3 pours fail? doesn't seem right though.
  3. yeah, I'm doing everything with the oxy/acetylene torch, I'm not quite ready to invest in a furnace just yet. I move around the outside of the silver with the torch and shake the crucible around until I can see the full mass of silver is liquid If I leave it long enough the silver gets a light red glow which I'm afraid may be too hot at that point? here's a photo of the strange eruption of mountain ranges, these were cast one after the other, I'm at a loss as to what I did differently.
  4. Hey Liam84, I hadn't seen that one, thanks. he really has a tone of great content, maybe I haven't gone back far enough but the only issues he seems to have is being .1 gram over or under his goal. I will however keep watching. thank you!
  5. I've spent quite a bit of time on gootube and have scoured the internet a bit but haven't found a great source for in depth knowledge on torch casting silver and problems that may arise. I've jumped right in and have made some pieces that I'm quite proud of and even sold a few but getting consistent results has been very difficult. I'm using an oxygen acetylene torch in a 3" ceramic bowl crucible and casting into a petrobond mold. my issues, 1. lack of detail which I've attributed to not getting the silver hot enough even though the mold has completely filled. does that sound right?
  6. Did you ever end up trying plaster casting? I came to this old post after finding this link for a table top system, with vacuum chamber for degassing the plaster. its a lost wax system but its being done so should work for your two part mold as well. nice video he does say its not plaster of paris, its casting plaster.
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