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  1. EMK looks to be at €795 now, and has some in stock. https://www.emk.com/en-us/IBNIU202149
  2. Yeah I got mine for around the same, I was really debating it as that was already pretty expensive, but like you it's for my own collection and enjoying, was pretty happy I got it now that I see how hard it is to get anymore. Also super glad I picked up some of the 1oz as well while they were still around, I was debating getting even more when the sale just shut down. Didn't think even the 1oz would be gone in a day! (APMex).
  3. Great price at 570EU, I am kicking myself for not buying the last few from APMex even at $600... at least I got a few before that. I still was planning to look around May 4th and see If any dealers release a few more that day.
  4. Still a 795 EU / $946 USD is around what they are going for on eBay (highest sold price $900 USD), and I've just seen one listed for $1183 USD. Maybe some people are pricing in that $100 silver spot price we have coming. 😀
  5. 1oz Beskar on ApMex now set to "AlertMe", when I checked early this morning it was down to around 650 or so I think... I wonder if that means they are getting more in. The APMex 10oz Beskar page still just says "Sold Out", so not sure if they are getting any more of those. The EMK page is still in "coming soon" with a very smart release date of 5/4/2021... now I am thinking any other place that had plans to sell these is releasing on May 4th also, which would make a ton of sense. Also the more I look at it the more I am sure the NZMint site will have some of these, if you look
  6. APMex stock check - 3133 1oz Beskar remain in stock. I think possibly each bullion dealer gets 100 10oz, and 5000 1oz, so I still think we'll see these pop up at other dealers, probably with a slightly lower premium than APMex.
  7. The 10oz bars are limited to 1000, in five years time they will probably be at the spot price + $400. They are already selling for $715+ for each 10oz on eBay... I think you underestimate the power of Star Wars collectables mixed with precious metal. It says quite a bit that each site with an allocation of 100 sells out in less than a day, even with APMex selling the last few bars at $600. Plus, they are just darn cool! And will be easier to sell than some generic bar later on. I get that many collectors are hyper-focused on getting silver at the absolute lowest price per o
  8. Looks like another place in Europe that will be listing the 10oz Niue Beskar bars soon is EMK: https://www.emk.com/en-us/IBNIU202149
  9. I have to admit, I was so excited for silver Beskar I also went and ordered a custom Beskar pour from this guy - it will be interesting to compare with the 10oz Niue: https://www.jaysilverbull.com/product-page/copy-of-beskar-bar
  10. Interesting, they are being listed at $715, but so far I have not seen any move to sold.
  11. The funny thing was, I never did see these on the New Zealand Mint site (I was expecting they would be there), just APMex and EurpeanMint. I thought New Zealand Mint had all of the Niue and Star Wars stuff.
  12. Thanks, I thought I saw a price of $499 but when I went back to the site I saw it was $600, thought I had imagined it!
  13. Heads up on the pricing on these, I ordered some of the 10oz from European Mint because it was cheaper than APMex... for the 1oz coins, the situation is reversed and APMex is cheaper. EuropeanMint only takes payment in BitCoin (and other variants) or bank wire in EUR specifically though, and shipping was something like 45 euros as well. Still fairly cheaper with APMex having them priced at $600 (now in pre-sale for both sizes) Maybe these both will show up on other sites eventually? The Niue coins do seem appear on other sites as well.
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