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  1. Sounds great. I’ll look those up to see what they looK like.
  2. WOW !! 2 months and you already have 23 sovereigns. Are they all different years ?
  3. Thanks all for the welcome 😎
  4. @Shep i suppose it’s due to being a total beginner, and not having handled gold coins before. Handled gold Jewellery before, and also not being too clued up about weights either . For example when someone says this watch has weight and seems genuine, it comes from experience. the size, I thought it would be a lot larger for some reason. I could easily mistake it for a 1p coin. The colour has been covered on other posts, and funnily I showed my mum who said why is it not yellow Gold in colour πŸ˜‚ Next one I am looking at is a 1 ounce Britannia. the Indian gold I will get
  5. I am really really surprised at the size and also the colour.
  6. Hi everyone A very very exciting day for me. I am a new member, and today I purchased my first Gold Coin. A 2021 Sovereign. So so happy. Paid Β£319 for it. Goldtion
  7. Thanks for the info. I will try to upload some pics when I get a chance. I have to go to the storage facility to get the stuff out . some of it has been passed down from earlier generations and the style of not what is really worn now, out of fashion. I agree with you saying Indian gold is a mixed bag.
  8. Ok thanks for the info, yes it’s 22crt. I’ll call some jewellers next week see what they say. I’ll post up a pic once I manage to make my first purchase of either the gold bar or coin
  9. Thanks for the responses. The design comes down to taste . Old fashioned stuff, and not really worn now. the jewellery was purchased in the uk from an Indian jewellery shop. Massive premium due to intricate design. looking to use the funds for something like a 50g or 20g gold bar , or a 1 kilo bar of silver.
  10. Hi all new member on this forum, been doing lots of reading on various forum posts. great content from what I have seen, and the Knowledge is great. looking to get into buying gold bullion bars and silver, and now likening the idea of gold coins. Looking to value then sell some Indian gold jewellery that is not being used, and wondered if it’s best to sell as scrap or sell as jewellery? stamped with 916. I also popped into costco yesterday to do the weekly shop and noticed some bullion bars and coins. has anyone purchased gold bars or coins from there before ?
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