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    Justjoshinya reacted to SirBill in Mandalorian Beskar CoinBar   
    Yeah I got mine for around the same, I was really debating it as that was already pretty expensive, but like you it's for my own collection and enjoying, was pretty happy I got it now that I see how hard it is to get anymore.  Also super glad I picked up some of the 1oz as well while they were still around, I was debating getting even more when the sale just shut down.  Didn't think even the 1oz would be gone in a day! (APMex).
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    Justjoshinya got a reaction from OldCoin in Silver Premiums and Wait Times, what are you seeing?   
    I live in California usa and if I buy at least $1500 there is no sales tax so I try to buy only once or twice a year and at least $1500 to make sure I dont pay taxes on my silver (because premiums are high enough tax) the premiums I paid last year are double this year average $6 premiums and typically 2 weeks delay for what I want. I stay away from eagles because the premium is almost 50% sometimes unless you are buying ALOT so I've moved over to kruggerrands and kangaroos.
    My local coin shops premiums are about on par. With online at this time. I'll usually load up my cart online then head to my local shop and show them my cart and ask if they can beat that price if they can I'll pull out cash and go with them if they cant I just walk out and buy online. Some LCS will see I'm serious and willing to purchase through them if they can beat the online premium for similar products. Some dont care.
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    Justjoshinya reacted to dikefalos in Mandalorian Beskar CoinBar   
    If i see something like this
    i'm not surprised, that not much people own or even know about silver. But this Pokemon and Dragonball Card game seems to is much more known than the silver market. I think under 500€ everybody did a good buy.  
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    Justjoshinya got a reaction from dikefalos in Mandalorian Beskar CoinBar   
    I was fortunate to get it for $468 for the 10oz only bought one for my personal collection but I was debating even paying that much but I really liked the design and I am a fan of the tv show so thought why not.
    Then i was glad i did when i saw the price jump several times throughout the day. I bought about 30 of the 1oz bars I'm keeping a tube and giving the rest as birthday gifts for my nephews they love star wars and will enjoy these.
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    Justjoshinya got a reaction from SirBill in Mandalorian Beskar CoinBar   
    When I checked yesterday their stock of the 1oz bars fluctuated several times throughout the day I'm sure as they sell them to other mints in bulk they update their own stock when they open another monster box I imagine the monster boxes come on a pallet or in their own monster box probably 10x monster box so 3k at a time. Yesterday I saw them go from 3100+ down to the few hundreds several times throughout the day.
    I do not expect their to be any more 10oz bars released from apmex as their were only 1k total and I'm sure half went to other mints worldwide and apmex sold the others themselves. They may have vaulted a few to be released possibly on may 4th or maybe sometime later this year at a high premium. But I dont think there is a restock on these coming. 1k is a very small amount especially when other mints have them as a listing as well.
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