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  1. I dont feel it's only bullion I mean it is a sovereign coin. Apmex deleted my review of this 1 ounce beskar bar on their website lol seems they dont want anyone to see any reviews on these until they sale the second round of these when they are back in stock. I wont post pics of my 10 ounce bar until I hear from APMEX the antiquing on my 10 oz is sloppy.
  2. Mine came with circular scratches from rubbing on the bar below in the tube. I bought 30 and all 30 have the same scratches. I also have an issue with the antiquing on my 10 ounce beskar bar I'm not really impressed with apmex on this order. Still really cool bars just poor quality in packaging lead to a poor quality bar.
  3. If they are pre65 you can tell by how they sound, also the edges wont be clad. I cant see someone going through that trouble to counterfeit dimes... silver or not
  4. Just got an email from APMEX these bars were supposed to ship on 4/20/2021 now they are on a slight delay from the mint and have a new ship date of 5/7/2021 any delays from the European suppliers? Was anxious to get these and post some picks and reviews and 4 of the 1oz bars were going to my nephews for birthday presents now I gotta send the I.O.Us
  5. I believe one of two things will happen. A: since the coins/bars are struck 2021, they will release again in 2022 another round of 1oz and 10oz beskar coin bars. This would not alter their "limited mintage" Or B: they will do a one off run and do 2oz and 1kilo coin bar runs on the next run. This also would not alter their "limited mintage" From a business standpoint it makes more economic sense to do another 1oz/10oz run in 2022 which will negatively affect a "collectors" view point of the beskar run. From a collector's standpoint we hope they do another run but in d
  6. I live in California usa and if I buy at least $1500 there is no sales tax so I try to buy only once or twice a year and at least $1500 to make sure I dont pay taxes on my silver (because premiums are high enough tax) the premiums I paid last year are double this year average $6 premiums and typically 2 weeks delay for what I want. I stay away from eagles because the premium is almost 50% sometimes unless you are buying ALOT so I've moved over to kruggerrands and kangaroos. My local coin shops premiums are about on par. With online at this time. I'll usually load up my cart online then he
  7. I was fortunate to get it for $468 for the 10oz only bought one for my personal collection but I was debating even paying that much but I really liked the design and I am a fan of the tv show so thought why not. Then i was glad i did when i saw the price jump several times throughout the day. I bought about 30 of the 1oz bars I'm keeping a tube and giving the rest as birthday gifts for my nephews they love star wars and will enjoy these.
  8. When I checked yesterday their stock of the 1oz bars fluctuated several times throughout the day I'm sure as they sell them to other mints in bulk they update their own stock when they open another monster box I imagine the monster boxes come on a pallet or in their own monster box probably 10x monster box so 3k at a time. Yesterday I saw them go from 3100+ down to the few hundreds several times throughout the day. I do not expect their to be any more 10oz bars released from apmex as their were only 1k total and I'm sure half went to other mints worldwide and apmex sold the others themsel
  9. That's pretty cool be sure to post some comparisons/pictures when your product arrives. Now I wish I had bought more than one 10oz beskar from apmex
  10. I placed my order about 5 minutes after these went live on apmex, when I placed my order the 10oz was $469 and they had a lot in stock, about 30 minutes later they were $499 and had half the stock I just checked now and they are $699 with 10 left in stock. I also get about 30 of the 1oz beskar bars. The 10oz bars went VERY quickly and the premium jumped very high.
  11. Been waiting for these for a few days when I first noticed them on apmex, was in the process of buying some other coins so have been holding off on buying waiting for these to become available... the wait and constantly checking apmex is killing me.
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