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  1. Well, if you aren't just being kind, the only clues I had to go on were you use of language and that French would be the second big language of Canada. Of course you weren't native. Occam's Razor be damned! LOL. Actually had an agent once. For a few days. Apparently asked too many questions. He wouldn't even respond after I sent him a Christmas card. But then, just a few years after it would have been published, I would have been embarrassed with the quality. If you want me to correct your English for continued improvement, I can do that, but only if you want me to.
  2. Occam's Razor definitely works for simple things and personal situations, but it would seem to me that the bigger the sandbox, the greater the possibilities and the more challenges to explain or discover solutions. Just like Newtonian physics applies to everything that is familiar but does not often apply to the subatomic. The greater the variables, the less useful it is. Even reason has it limits. Besides being the change I want to see in the world? I have a few ideas that I am working toward, but for now I am keeping them to myself.
  3. Post-modern coinage? Those hooters are not well-proportioned. Maybe it should read, "One Ounce Mediocre Engraving."
  4. I started waking up to this stuff in 2006. Before then I was fully invested in the lie, so I understand all of the people that want to avoid the truth at all costs. I was one of them. Because it's all so much simpler to believe what you're spoon-fed instead of doing real research which requires exploring all arguments and then picking them apart and reconstructing them one by one. I can't help but come to the conclusion that we've been lied to for a very long time, not just 2001, but 1913. Not just 1913, but perhaps for thousands of years.
  5. If you want I can email you a few pages of something, if you want to message me with your email. There was something I completed last month. I was going to submit it, but it was the only autobiographical thing I ever wrote and as a whole I decided it was way too personal and I couldn't excise that element without the whole thing capsizing, but I could email you the first few pages if you liked. I never thought Dan Brown was a good writer, though I felt The Lost Symbol was passable. What I liked best about the Langdon books was that they could spark some interesting conversations, especia
  6. The Great Reset. Global corporate tax. Vaccine passports. Universal Basic Income. Green New Deal. It isn't the Book of Revelation I'm worried about. It's the individuals who appear to be using it for world domination. Certainly we agree that it's too coordinated to be coincidental. Definitely words like "righteous" and "morality" are important, appropriate and accurate and no one should ever be barred from using them. But even their counterparts like "equality," "equity" and "justice" have been corrupted by the opposite by the other wing to have a stigma to them that was not originally in
  7. Agreed, if quality is a concept perceived entirely in the mind of the individual. Well, maybe. I've read poorly reviewed books that were incredible. Sometimes readers dislike what they can't comprehend. I've also read poorly written books that were well-received. In fact I've been deterred from books with positive reviews and drawn to books with negative reviews, especially those containing skillfully written sentences that are given as examples of poor writing. Stamping Butterflies by Jon Courtenay Grimwood comes immediately to mind, an extraordinary book. When I bought it was rated 3
  8. I'm not giving you any financial advise, Tupesilla, bit 65% of Bitcoin is owned by Chinese nationals. There is talk that the Chinese government intend to make owning Bitcoin illegal in their country. Should that happen, expect 65% of bitcoin to be sold off. Now I have HEARD that a majority of Ethereum is own by Americans, but I cannot confirm this. And welcome to the Silver Forum.
  9. I started in Kindergarten. Fortunately, I was delusional enough to think I was good (except when I finished something) so I kept at it.
  10. Wow. Two things we have in common. How long have you been writing?
  11. Really, if those are the only choices, I'd melt it, but there is a third option. Hold on to it as it is. Give it a few years. See what happens. I mean, I don't know what's going to happen, based on the amount of US currency compared to total US silver--and really the whole world is in the same predicament with currency to precious metals ratio--I think silver prices are going to get ridiculous in the next few years. My assessment. Do with it what you will.
  12. Any one of those three is a great answer.
  13. Dan Simmons, John Keats or father of Helios?
  14. But there is a lot of great information. Welcome.
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