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  1. What makes those CP and BU QB well worth the extra premiums? I'm just trying to understand the reason behind it for learning purposes.
  2. Thanks Dave will keep that in mind pal. Look out for PM very soon my head is churning out thoughts daily.
  3. So how can you sell it when you want to? I would thought selling a 500g size bar would be straight forward, no? Similar a Krugerrands. Sorry every answer seems to lead to uncovering more questions.
  4. Thanks for the input the advise on here is worth as much as the metal itself. What would you class as truly large sizes I don't know if I would ever have budget for that but would buy 500g without thinking twice?
  5. Ok, gonna look into that looks at some other threads too, thanks again
  6. Ha ha! like that (hope your only joking 😁) Thanks what you said there about UK coins made lightbulb go on. If I have any plans to move abroad in future those coins would lose that benefit I would imagine? In that case would you say invest in few other types, maples, eagle etc?
  7. Sorry Bigmarc do you mean regardless of the premium? just to clear that up. thank again appreciate it
  8. Hi Bigmarc thanks for the reply I appreciate your input. So you think stick with brits or just any coin with no CGT in general? I was considering by some more silver bars likely 250-500g very soon at spot price as I read one of your previous posts which was about focusing more on spot than premiums. (i'm sure it was you could be wrong) Sorry, what do you mean by PM's and "cross spread purchasing" Thanks again
  9. Hi first time posting and was looking for some guide on investing in silver or any other metal. Really this is about finding best way to invest, what I should be spending money on to build/stack up a pot for when the time is right, maybe retirement or just when the time is right to sail off into the sea 😐. I've bought abit so far around 1.5k worth (started in March) some 1oz brits, 2 sov including a double and 3 bars (250g silver umicore, 10g pamp gold & metalor gold) I see the above as me getting my toes wet but as you can see its a bit of a mix bunch. I'm aware that premiums are high at the moment and it does stop me a little from pulling the trigger but I don't want to stop, as I say trying to build up something of worth in my future. For the record I'm 42 and looking to spend around 300-600 per month on average.
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