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  1. Thank you 🙂 I think it’s absolutely possible; personally I do not think it’s even conscious for many people: I may guess it’s due to a more instinctive approach, generated by doubts...as they often quote in Star Wars (the road to the dark side lol ). To share ideas is definitely one of the best way to spread your spectrum and widen up your “visual”, but that’s definitely something everybody know....It’s just common sense, even if often forgotten (by myself first of all lol )
  2. it may be that Maybe the world sometimes looks to be improved but mostly is due to the point of view of the observer than the problem itself? maybe it’s the approach and perspective to impact the most on the outcome...as a sort self “fulfilled prophecy”. just a humble thought thinking out loud May I ask to you gentlemen if somebody know/have some insights on how much silver is really/practically available over ground and underground? (Compared to other PM as well) I keep listening many contradicting information about that: some make it sounds like silver is way more rare than
  3. You’re quite right, quality I’d definitely decreasing, and with over 1 million titles published in USA only every year, it’s hard even just to understand if the book worth the paper. but, since it’s quite hard to get accepted by one of the big five , or even simply find a literary agent, self publishing can be sometimes one of the few alternative to get your book out on the market. definitely that must be associated to a strong marketing otherwise it’s literally to throw a coin in a ocean hoping for a wish to be granted lol Thank you ! It’s Italian, but it’s definitely clos
  4. Definitely, I’ll be glad to read some of your works. I’ll send a PM with my email. I’ve quite a list of such kind of books lol I read an interesting fantasy saga :the dwarves saga and the altar saga...some are quite interesting, some characters and ideas quite smart...but the guy get more and more commercial (guess thanks to the publisher asking for more page filler kind of work..) and now it’s predictable as the sun rising, and only a repetition of sentences for the sake of making a 700pages tome... Agreed on that...I guess it’s quite a good analysis...not great literatur
  5. Is there a place where would be possible to read some samples of your fictional books? ps: I apologize for my far from fluent English...I’m learning it
  6. Totally agree...one of the most interesting example in my opinion is Umberto Eco. In my humble opinion a truly remarkable writer, popular but not to a wide audience. I heard several comments (including some from quite well established and popular authors), trying to suggest a Dan Brown was a way better writer than Eco. beside personal opinions on that (everybody has rightly different tastes), I cannot see how those two writers can even be compared...it’s like to compare Mark Twain and JK ROWLING. I cannot speak about the English translation of his books, since I’ve read them in th
  7. Congrats Gildeon!!! Hopefully the first on many
  8. Well, the quality of the work always depend on many factors and often reflect on each perspective lol Even when it’s not considerable “good” by the average standard of present days, May be a great work in the society of tomorrow. May I ask what kind of genre are you writing about?
  9. That’s nice ! Well, In mind mind since I was a kid lol...on a more material and specific medium (digital and paper) last 4 years. What about you?
  10. Hard to disagree on that: all great sources on inspiration for a humble amateur writer such as myself lol
  11. Humble mythology lover, so I’ll say the last one
  12. Thank you very much for the warm welcome guys, nice to meet you all !
  13. Hello everyone, Nicola, Newbie from Europe, actually in Canada. I’m totally a beginner in the silver world, with only some minor experience in antique coins. I’m happy to join your community, hope to become a valid member of the forum, learning all I can from you all!
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