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  1. I thought this would make a good informative thread given the upwards increases. To help correlate trends in wait times, and premium over spot (best to convert to USD. Please put as much info such as location, amount of oz for price break in premium In Australia I'm seeing average $10 AUD over spot which is about $7.80 USD Some items are 7-14 days or out of stock temporarily across many sites, but product is available. The shortage would appear to be worst in USA where premiums are higher than this and supply thin apparently These higher premiums may increase everywhere or
  2. Very good point , I don't believe people generally want to think the worst, but such a strange world leaves no other option sometimes. From there, if were being honest about our situation whatever that may be personal or collective, as a starting point to improve from, then only can things change. But yes perspective can help us deal with the situation also. Then bouncing ideas with others who are doing the same.
  3. Did anyone hear about Perth Mint offering LBMA accredited Chinese Minted bars, to their un-allocated customers. I commend the mint sourcing silver to meet it's contractual agreements and to quell the public backlash, however if I were the CEO I would not offer Chinese bars that would be bound to ruffle a few feathers, it's comical how they are flipping and flopping and it just keeps getting stranger.
  4. Yes it has been heavily manipulated, to agree. Is it fair market value, that depends who's perspective you see it from. No way if you ask me. Would the TV be the same build quality today, probably not, and the labor would have been sourced in a 3rd world less or unregulated environment, making manufacture cheaper with sub quality to 20 or 30 years ago. So the TV is not the best analogy. Even with higher mining costs and more demand the metal has not reflected it's relative value, based on rarity and above ground total supply vs Gold or any other commodity over the same period, the on
  5. At 31:13 a story about an Aussie customer not happy with Perth Mint giving him Chinese Minted bars threatened legal action then they agreed to give him PM branded 1000 oz bars
  6. Back on topic, very interesting interview with John Adam and Craig Hemke on the Australian Silver Situation inc Perth Mint exodus of unallocated accounts. He reports there's been a stampede over to allocated in past two weeks.
  7. It's not all just only opinion, there has to be an absolute truth or the universe wouldn't function. Truth is, nothing can change it. It is found by deconstructing both sides of any argument with an open mind in search for the absolute truth with fair and consistent reason, and occams razor which is what's the most logical likely explanation after doing that, must be the closest answer. However most people, generally speaking, appease their bias and will not hear the other side.
  8. Haha, have you read 1984, it isn't fiction anymore but probably still in that library category, if they didn't vaporize it. How can you change the world for the better? Each will have their gifts and the question is our alone to ask oneself, so you tell me. Some have made great inventions that improved the quality of life. Some have made personal sacrifices to the benefit of their fellow man, such as soldiers etc. But the problem is there is no real just war left worth fighting if there ever has been that I can think of, other than stopping the evils of totalitarian communism, w
  9. yep I gathered that's what you meant, and likewise. Thanks for making the point though. As for the markets and to bring this back to topic, to give an idea of how they don't correlate to reality when in regards to silver. Based on a inflation adjusted equivalent to it's all time high in USD silver's. That ATH to quote David Morgan is $400 when you factor inflation. I think I'm starting to see whats going on, but it's no guarantee the world will ever reflect true reality.
  10. Very well put. Indeed the white coat priests of medical science coup is leading the world to the new godless religion. While on the topic of religion and this has no relation to your comment I'm just throwing it in, I don't go for it (religion) yes it's been used and coerced since the 1st century for control due to it's popularity and the waning popularity of the Roman empire so they usurped it as a vehicle for control, and boy did some evil things happen in it's hands. So I have no real faith in man essentially but I do believe in God, therefore I make the distinction between man pretend
  11. It's still available here locally, it's only 50,000 mintage, that's quite low that's why I grabbed what I did in the last two years, has a unique security symbol too on obverse. 1OZ SILVER COIN 2021 WEDGE TAILED EAGLE - PERTH MINT "The Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 2021 1oz Silver Bullion Coin is struck by The Perth Mint from 99.99% pure silver and issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965. This coin has a mintage of 50,000. Sculpted for The Perth Mint by renowned US engraver, John M. Mercanti, the coin’s reverse depicts a swooping wedge-tailed eagle w
  12. I love that limited RAM Aussie Coat of Arms, have been eyeing it up but it sold out on the site, they sell at a large premium on ebay. Nice one mate, I wish I had one too.
  13. Yes, in my opinion, dare I say, everything has been weaponized against we the people who have a basic inherent right to prosper and live free from slavery/usury. The war of words is poisoning many minds who cant see the implications or how they are manipulated to an end that doesn't suit their short or long term interests. Double Speak is everywhere. I've come to see that nothing in the world is by a completely natural occurrence or means, except for nature where un-corrupted or unpolluted, in other words everything is controlled by a hidden hand for a hidden purpose or agenda that y
  14. Correct no tax on G & S here. Bullion Now have a rather low premium compared to other dealers. Someone sold a few bars hey? Bet that's snapped up fast.
  15. This dialogue was interesting. Some of my thoughts are that JPM is nothing more than a puppet for a emerging power, a New World Order if you like. If they intend to transition to a one world digital currency which I believe is their plan, then they do not want the fact silver is such a raving good buy and has been suppressed for a very long time, they don't want that cat out of the bag, so unless the short squeeze by physical believers can outrun their manipulation, I'd be expecting the manipulation to continue and even become more entrenched. The fact they can get away with it tells me it's a
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