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  1. I'll store it free !!! I have to agree with this, but I understand there are factors that make having in ones posession difficult.
  2. Increased premiums for in stock items when stock is scarce is not unreasonable IMO however it depends how much. In any case I understand that this is easily determined by what the buyers are comfortable to pay, the competition will be doing the same and the buyers will side with the better price in that particular local market, ofcourse customer service and ease of business make a difference. I happily pay $1 or more extra per oz to get better service, less wait time with a dealer v's one with poor record of customer service. (when you have to enquire if they can update an invoice paid after 2 weeks etc) The secondary market in Silver has been almost non existent anywhere for the last year or duration of Covid. However some US dealers are paying over spot to get secondary into their inventory. I think it's boom time for all G&S dealers, the ones I've used in Au seem to have done exceptionally well over the last 10+ years no matter what the market was doing, some have done well with cryptos too even if they have the highest premiums anywhere. The market is short of product, and I hear rumor that mines and even dealers are holding stock back, which is good and bad I guess, bad if you are buying good if your bought and holding. I've been lucky to get some Eagles of older years at a very good price s/h last week. Dealers selling new eagles $16 ea more than I paid. (Probably 10 pounds in your money)
  3. Not necessarily but it's fair to defend him against your assumptions, for me it's more defending the principals of the entire movement not only @sixgun whom I believe understands this. Ofcourse it's up to @sixgun to state his reasons if he wishes. You're an interesting fellow, it's very hard to have a reasonable discussion with you. Youre always baiting for an argument it seems. My point was made, principals matter more than a number. Speculating to defend ones self in an attack on another mans reasons, is a sign you are on shaky ground. Everyones reasons will be different so generalisations miss the point on that fact, I was trying to reasonably help you see a bit clearer. As usual you are not listening.
  4. "guarantees" Who can say wheter a fair price predicicted market will provail in the short or long term, it would appear things are strengthening though. All in or not it's always wise to be optimistic. To, by principal believe in silver and even have an all in position, is not any "guarantee" of anything becommuing just in the world, so all in is not always wise even if the market is all set to be freed from manipulation. The world is a screwed up mess and even if by principals we turn it round it will take time. Theres a lot of shades of grey not everythings black and white.
  5. Either way I have no problem what anyone's position is, what matters is their reasons. If you speculate to another man's reasons for not being "all in" then how is that any better than the speculators who fudge this market. My comment speaks for itself, each has their reasons and I respect these reasons can be personal. The position size is not determined by principals necessarily. (emphasis on necessarily)
  6. I think many people believe in principals first, many on this thread are here because they believe in the principals of Silver, for numerous factual reasons. Therefore, isn't the number of their holdings irrelivant ?, all in or not most men are principal driven, I for one am. The problem with Silver price is the speculators. Your comment is also speculation !
  7. Thanks for the link will watch tonight. I heard of this the other day, so now what we've been seeing is confirmed, finally a forthcoming mint being honest about the situation, so now maybe people wont label all dealers as being hype when they tell us the same.
  8. A further thought, particularly to the question of metals dealers being over hyped. To be objective they are a good sourse of market suply/demand, and they have their feelers out for every influencing dynamic effecting the market, so as long as they are honest and not giving financial advice-they provide excellent info to the market for investors to help them make descisions. I think to be fair to try and seperate their hype/speculations from their fair concerns. It's obvious some have raised some fair concerns and that has helped the market shift in a positive direction towards real price discovery and this move will help to expose further cracks showing us how fragile it really is. Everyone has a right to put their analysis each way, but when one oppssing view blankets the said facts above as all hype it's more than a gross generalisation, so essencially hype also, just of an opposing kind. These fair concerns that have been raised over many years not just Silver Squeeze (which is new) have benefited all dealers, as this investment group grows (and we all know the reasons obviously eg undervalued) And that's a good thing, the dealers are an important part of the market. Now the Crypto crash and the building momentum in G+S might further help the demand on S to grow this year, and as the economyy further declines and inflation creeps in that demand will grow if not stay steady, it will be interesting to see if that demand can keep up, in any case I think something will be wrong if prices don't break last years high. Thanks mate. The bickering doesnt help out collective plight, but sometimes it's fair each needs to vent off a little or get's a little passionate. Sometimes we all get a change in our understanding reflecting with others agreeing or not, can be amusing too. I spent many years studying and am still studying Scriptures to tie it into or build my historical understanding with it as a foundation was the motivation, the journey has changed tack somewhat but the truth cant be known properly without that reference point, ultimately I'm a realist who wants the truth and best for everyone but I understand that things need to be in a certain order to get there and that has been washed or lost in many today. As for interpretation od said scriptures I have sought to correct the 27,000 mistranslations and misinterpretations, language dialectics, translations across 4 languages, word morphs etc. I'm well aware the majority of Christian Theology/interpretation is completely off and I have been excommunicated for bringing it to their attention. I've seen the Masons in the Bible Colleges. It's almost completely infiltrated by Satanists, or is promoting wokeism BS. I enjoy your posts also, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  9. And how glorious to see the BTC head and shoulders Ponzi 2.0 and I called it same c**p as in 2017-18 with the name musk replacing mcafee, there will be a 3.0 too LOL but it might be over, there wont be many new idiots ready to risk it or will there, maybe there will. The world is a very stupid place. Edit: No offence to anyone who's suffering losses with crypto, I was one of them in 2018 admittedly before I said never again I took a significant loss and if I had have held on till now could have done well but couldn't care less for it it's nonsense in my opinion, happy to see the market reflect this and it was so obvious this would happen Crypto is so corrupted and corruptable, just not realistic like metals are and will be in 1000 years
  10. Haha. I saw that before seeing your post, yep PM has a 1 Bil $ book keeping problem apparently. If Adams has helped people get out of this metals ILL-liquidity fiasco in the making or in the waiting, then he is a hero. It's all hype even the hype callers are a hype of a different kind. In the end though someone will be proven right and time will tell. Everyone has a bias of some sort.
  11. GOD, GUNS, GOLD !!! In that order GGG Even though you're being sarcastic and trying to make fun of people different than yourself for peer group acceptance, I will be serious and honest with you. No you are destined to be taxed to hell in the UK sadly, and religion (worldly and of man) is so corrupted as it's been controlled by those who collect tax. I love God but hate religion as it's so corrupted so your baiting is redundant, if you care you might see the distinction between the two, or just keep being willfully ignorant, untill one day you are on your knees begging for God's help. Remember then how foolish you were to be proud in blasphemy. Your Gold wont save you or sustain you, nothing of this world will be acceptable but your faith, honor and righteousness. The number matters not, God doesn't need big numbers. I pray all with eyes and ears to hear do so before it's too late for them, Thy Will Be Done in any case. May God bring us all out of this Babylon Hell !
  12. LOL no I haven't The putting "in God we trust" on the Fed money is them saying they have no gold backing it, they don't serve God they just use the phrase to cover their A$$, that is not conjecture either. I wont be told what I must believe or do, I think you've got the wrong guy. In my house God is supreme and I have no shame or guilt for that, no that is not religion. If you don't like that it's your problem, deal with it yourself. Yes it's a serious discussion even if I may have deviated off the topic, apologies if that helps anyone. As for your generalization about dealers claims being hype, yes I am aware of the pattern. Did Adams do that, what's the problem with what he's done and what I've shared in regard to his email? Can you make this make sense, because it doesn't when you deconstruct. All this is based on generalizations of all dealers except for yourself, and pinned on Adams, and me for posting it. Nothing serious about it, it's a joke really. The original poster hasn't provided any proof of his claim that got all you in on his bully attack based on feelings not facts. Currently Adams work has obviously helped influence a price increase, nobody can deny that.
  13. This is pointless you were looking to brew something up. How do you know my thought process. I posted something I thought was worthy of the followers of this threads consideration that's all, for what it's worth that's all, and I defended that from a baseless attack, then you came at me, and I don't understand it. Isn't you who doesn't question anything that doesn't come from the BBC or did you come to see they are indeed liars. Should I pretend they are not when I know they are, to satisfy your deceived biases, sorry I can't do that. Agendas so blatant can't be ignored, unless by people like yourself. And BTW, I did say you may have noted that asking for financial support does raise a red flag, so that would disprove your claim again. Yes I looked both sides and said I see nothing wrong with Adams conduct so far and defended that. Many other times I could show you I've been inductive and deductive of any matter, but you aren't interested in the truth are you. Give it a rest, you're wasting my time and as usual it's baseless smear, and reflects badly upon you if you hadn't noticed, but your too busy being critical of everybody but yourself.
  14. These terms right and left are corrupted terms. It's two wings of the same bird. I think there's better terms to categorize this deliberate divide and conquer agenda Wise/Fool Leader/follower Right/Wrong Moral/Immoral Or something along these lines? The status quo labels and categorizations are there to divide us against each other and weaponize the social fabric of society, so their terms are always corrupted and weaponized for political objectives. This is the whole purpose of PC, to make lies hidden or acceptable by whitewashing the nature with deceptive terminology. Anyone with their eyes open can see it, I'm aware you see it. I embrace authority only when it's not seeking to undermine or contradict my God Given Rights, as rare as it is. Otherwise I may consent only under it's duress of threat of menaces and harm, but that doesn't make any lawful contract so I'm not in agreement or serving presumed authority which is only maintained through threat of force and menaces. It is nothing but a presumed authority if against inherent rights. That presumed authority acting unjustly, is really polarizing currently and ramping up, it wont't rest till it has destroyed everything good. But I think it's got so bold and blatantly evil that it's revealing just how insane it is and without cause. It will destroy it'self, evil will destroy evil and those stupid enough to follow it's deceptions and treasonous acts. Natural selection I guess will be a wave that catches some by surprise? PS. if you observe the all seeing eye symbol it is the "left" eye, and the matrix movie they give you the "red" pill, red is the color of communism and the left that's no coincidence that the matrix was full of deliberate corruptions of the true reality while pretending to reveal them. So, as for the matrix it is revealing but it's corrupted, to give you two controlled choices that lead to the same hell that they want to make here on earth, if not already bad enough. I was awakened well before it came out and was not interested in movies because I knew they were all programming, but it did have some interesting symbology. It's worldly and made by the dark side. I took the the path of the Truth, the Way and the Life, Jesus and the Spirit of Almighty Living God since 2016, and I ask it guide me in the truth of all matters each day. Everything in the world and those led by it are corrupted, I like to remind myself this because it's always trying to hook us back in, but it never can when you've found and built a solid foundation in reality and the truth. The evil of this world and of people, showed me to this path, the only way I can reconcile this hell we live in was to find and humble myself to God, ironically that makes one even more hated and attacked but it's worth it because it's right, to me anyway and many others. That helped me know who I truly am and not let the worlds and peoples attacks and trespasses on me bother me or in any way define me, it freed me immensely. As I've said before loving God and Jesus has nothing to do with religion, man made religion and it was forbidden, it's nothing more than man tempting to be the Government of God to wage war on God and Creation. In the end all secrets will be exposed and the truth will not be hidden anymore. Soon I hope.
  15. There's plenty of "limited hangouts" for the "99%", you will be right at home, or should I say Left. ? Thank you too by the way, you've both given me a good laugh this morning, I needed that.
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