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  1. the price i would need to sell these for will be £8 per coin due to the material needed to make them
  2. nope like i said literally handmade
  3. i'm going to post a link to youtube showing the process so keep an eye out mate
  4. they are thin yes 1mm which is what i was working towards
  5. thanks i will i'm gonna try and upload the process of making these there's four videos all together.
  6. i'm also practicing making bullion bars just need to make the weight equal which is abit difficult at the moment but i'll get them posted hopefully soon
  7. Gordy it took me about a dozen attempts to get it just right
  8. SilverDrum i do have videos of the process 'i'll try and get the videos up
  9. hey everyone these are my homemade coins that are made from 999 silver some weights vary between 2.9 to 3.1 grams I've used the old medieval way to make them the hammered style to bring the medieval feel to the modern times. as you can see i've added the Nottingham castle to represent my home city of Nottingham. whats everyone thoughts on them any advice is welcomed
  10. hey everyone so glad to be here and be a part of this forum i heard about this through Backyard Bullion and i'm hoping to get a lot of advice from members and business owners alike since i'm starting up my own brand of silver products that will involve silver coins and hopefully if i get them right silver bars i'll show my current successful product at the moment. unfortunately the file is too big to show the back of the coin but i'll send images of that on another post.
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