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  1. Looking at it again, I'm wondering if that isn't a partial double strike on the 5, the first being lower and very slightly to the right.
  2. Richym99

    Fed up with eBay

    Last coin I bought from the US, I looked at the dealers name and found their website online. Dealt with them over the phone. Obviously only works with bullion dealers with recognisable businesses, but worked for me.
  3. Any thoughts on what is going on with the 5 in this 1857 shield sovereign? Purchased in the most recent @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions
  4. Richym99

    Fed up with eBay

    Received this off eBay 2 days ago. Guaranteed that if you sell any fractional gold to an EU seller, they will still add VAT to the invoice, just as they do in the US now for gold coins purchased there for export. The last sovereign I bought from the US, they wanted £130 in tax and duties. Had it shipped to a friend in the US instead. From 1 July, and in line with new legislation, eBay will collect VAT on all goods which are sold through eBay and shipped to buyers in the European Union (EU) with a consignment value up to EUR150. eBay will collect VAT on all sales to priva
  5. A lot better than some I have seen in the buy and sell section
  6. @Lennyforthefuture If you want a starter, this is probably as good as you are going get. A 1917 sydney mint sovereign for £329. In our own buy and sell. Taking out a silver membership for £5.99 a month will save you hundreds every year. On eBay, you will be lucky to pay under £380.
  7. Maxx family safe deposit storage. (Locations Cardiff and Swansea)
  8. I use Marsh in conjunction with Spink's guides, which give better coverage of variations and known mis-strikes, plus they give an indication of values at lower grades. The guide covers all coinage, not just sovereigns and back to pre-Roman times Post Decimal guide to UK coins https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=R_4VEAAAQBAJ Pre Decimal guide to UK coins https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=p17dDwAAQBAJ Both available to download on google play for tablet or PC.
  9. I just converted what I had in my savings account earning a pittance in interest into sovereigns, buying a combination of bullion sovereigns and others of greater rarity, which will hold their value even if prices drop.
  10. Recently purchased a 2007 proof full sovereign off @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer and read the description of the changes to the reverse, which makes it another unique sovereign. (2008 they made further changes). https://www.chards.co.uk/2007-gold-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-proof-london/303 Thought it would be interesting to offer the comparison they made between the 2000 and 2007 visually.
  11. Richym99

    Bit of advice

    With the price of gold predicted to rise sharply, I have made the effort to buy as quickly as possible to start off. Buying as many sovereigns now as you can afford to buy will get you the highest return on them in your timeframe. If gold price plateaus, say in a couple of years, any you buy after then may not show the same return. Sadly, the likes of you and I are starting at a time when gold prices are already high compared.
  12. I bought my first in Mid March. My next will be my 40th. And you think you have a problem. 😂
  13. The postman has been generous over the past two days. 2001/3 and 6 proof sovs from a private seller, the 2007 with the remastered reverse from ChardsCoinandBullionDealer and my success from the coin cabinet auction.
  14. I'm sorry to that sounds like a complete fob off. They've basically told you to go away for three to five years and then they will sell it. I bet they will make no guarantee of a profit though, but you can guarantee that even if they sell at a loss, they will still take their 10% or whatever they take. Gold has gone up £400 an ounce in 5 years. At the same growth rate in five years time you will be looking at £450 sovereign spot price. On the bright side, at least you didn't go for their 2019 MS69 sovereign which looks remarkably like a Britannia , weighs 25g and costs £2000.
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