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  1. Not all. My first purchase was a set of 12 called the 3 Monarchs. (4 Queen Vics, 4 Edward VII and 4 George V with one each from London, Sydney, Melborne and Perth mints). There were two 1911 coins in there, the earliest an 1895M. I have since picked up another 1911 and a second 1913 as well as two 2019, but the majority are different years. I'm collecting to supplement my retirement pot, so duplicate years are less important.
  2. Funny. My first experience of collecting (less than two months ago) was being given a 2019 sovereign by my mother. It wasn't the size that surprised me, it was how much it was worth. ! I had no idea until that point, of the real value of gold coins. I do now, 23 more sovereigns later. It's not only addictive, it's expensive. 😄
  3. That would make for a great caption competition.
  4. Release date Thursday this week. Still taking pre orders.
  5. Let's hope there are no chandellier repairs needed at the Palace then. 😄
  6. The mint cannot do anything without the Palace's approval. If his wishes were, "no bloody fuss" then they aee unlikely to get their way.
  7. I would be surprised, mainly because he had already declined a commemorative 100th birthday coin release.
  8. Clearly, even to this hewcomer, grade of a coin is as important or in some cases even more so than it's age or rarity. I've read the guidelines on how to assess the various levels of grading, but it still difficult to visualise how those guudelines translate, giving often very small distinctions between the grades. These are three of the sovereigns that I have acquired since I started collecting in March. Would anyone care to offer some guidance on what I should be looking for and what they see which affects the grading of each up or down. One I bought off a member, the other two we
  9. I have, in my collection of £5 silver Piedfort's the one issued commemorating Phillip's retirement from public life in 2017. The COA is number 15 out of 1144 minted (according to the RM). Just curious, because I have no intention of breaking up the collection of Senior Royal family notable milestones, does the low issue number have any bearing on desirability to collectors.
  10. I would put it down more to opportunism. Many are struggling for cash with furlough and more and more businesses closing. There are plenty of business models that use the hook of quick liquidating of assets into cash to pursuade people to part with their possessions at a fraction of their worth. Anything from jewelry and cars to houses. (We buy any car for example).
  11. Those adverts have been around for years. Companies preying on people who have no idea how much their jewellry is worth and offering a fraction of scrap value. My local shopping centre has a permenant stand which has been there for years.
  12. Every one of the mail handling companies must be rubbing their hands in glee. Almost everything coming into this country from overseas is subject to customs duty. For doing the governments dirty work collecting import duty they are also able to claim between £8 and £12 admin fees of the recipiant. It is free money to them.
  13. I can well understand that members on here are not going to sell for less than they had to buy them for. In fact, £27.50 is on the cheaper side. A couple of days ago I noticed one member sold 170 1oz coins at £30 a coin in parcels of 10. Can't blame him if people are prepared to pay that. To an extent I suppose the traders will probably argue that their costs of handling silver coins is roughly same as it is for a gold one. I suppose what sticks out is that 3% premium on a gold sov is about £9 but £6 on a 1oz Brit is 33%. The price markup becomes a lot more stark though when you ge
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