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  1. Ben999

    Silver Trader

    Hi Martin, Thanks for the quick response. If its okay with you I'll send you an email in the morning in order set up an account. Regards Ben
  2. Ben999

    Silver Trader

    Thanks Chris, much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the coins as listed in the description. If anyone can help then please let me know. Thanks Ben
  4. Ben999

    Silver Trader

    I'm after the following 1oz silver coins:- 2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 2021 John Wayne the Duke 2021 Tokelau Planet Terra. I'll stick on the trading page and hopefully someone can help.
  5. Ben999

    Silver Trader

    Hi, Has anyone purchased any items through Silver Trader? The reason for asking is that I've seen some 1oz coins I would like to purchase. I understand you need an account, however there is no option on the website to register, only login. I've emailed Martin but as yet have had no response. I thought I had read somewhere that he was not taking new registrations, but wasn't sure if this is still the case. Thanks Ben
  6. Great, if you can let me know when there ready. I'll take one please.
  7. Thank you for all your advice everyone. That's very much appreciated. As a newbie maybe I am expecting to much from a Pre-owned coin, but if i'm paying a fair amount over spot price then maybe I naively expect it to be in a good condition. It is difficult to see any imperfections on a photo and if not described then I get a bit frustrated when it arrives and it has cosmetic damage. It seems like the big issue is the current premiums on silver, so would I be better buying less often but putting my money in gold, and if so coins or bars? I'm not buying huge quantities but will con
  8. I realise this is quite a broad question, but when buying pre-owned bullion coins is there a certain condition you would expect them to be in? I've bought quiet a few preowned coins recently and when they've arrived some have had light milk spots or fine scratches on, or in some instances both. These imperfections were not stated on the description. Obviously I realise that the cost of the items also comes into play, so as an example if you pay £30 for a single preowned 1oz bullion coin and it arrives with some of these blemishes should I be right to feel disgruntled or just acc
  9. Haha thank you for that. I've never actually thought about why they call the bike a penny farthing before, but thanks to your lovely picture I know realise why 🤦‍♂️ Something else I've learnt today.
  10. Hello, I could do with your expert assistance please to identify a couple of coins. I believe I know 3 of them but there's a question over the other 2. Looking at the coins from left to right I have...... ?, half penny, penny, 3 pence and ? They look like they have had a hard life, so very much doubt there is any monetary value in them, I just like them due to their age. If only old coins could talk! Thank you for your help on this. Ben
  11. Hi, I ended up paying £29 plus postage for the item, so it wasn't a price that was too good to be true. Not sure why but I had a gut feeling something wasn't right after I'd won it. The item description can be found on the attachment. I'll happily measure it, but don't have anything more advance than an old fashioned a ruler I'm afraid. I will also drill a hole in it to see what's inside, as I would like to know as well. Curiously it's not magnetic on the surfaces just on the edges. More information to follow......
  12. I'll just have to sit tight for now as I can't take it any further until the 22nd. If nothing else I've learned how to spot fake silver, so every cloud has a silver lining, as did the my purchase I'll probably just keep it as a momento.
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