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  1. What I've realised is that the spread at Baird is painful compared to the lack of spread at BullionStar. I'm just going to have to wait until it rises above the price I paid and sell it back and replace it outside the UK. 20%-30% on Silver, and about 3-5% on Gold, that's been an annoying lesson to learn. At least it's not unallocated, which I prefer, but yeah, I didn't notice any info about premiums and spreads before going ahead.
  2. The next issue to get proof of ownership, photos, and the like.
  3. saleung, as in 0.25 baht in weight, but the Thai gold in the myriad gaudy red shops just doesn't look real to me... I dunno what they do to make it so... glowy... it looks like sweet wrappers.
  4. Aren't they mostly electrum with copper in them etc? a bit more durable than 999.9?
  5. In the end, that's what I did... I bought some at Bairds, and some at BullionStar. I didn't find the process at Baird's onerous. I like the ease of setup and variety of products at BullionStar; they should make an app. BullionStar seems great on the face of it, and it's only newness to me that's the issue. I've recommended it to my dad, as a little hedge against inflation, and hypothetical pension issues if the markets correct soon. I have a safe in Thailand, but I'm not sure I see much benefit in bringing metal into Thailand; Thailand has loads of gold shops with glow-in-the-dark me
  6. Thanks, I just mailed them. From their site they list themselves as having a relationship with BairdMint, offering their products by the sounds of it. Do you mean that you have to pay 20%VAT on silver and platinum in the UK? and not gold? I looked at both websites you posted - are they the same company? It looked like IPM was a category of thing rather than a company name.
  7. I want to get PMs in the most sensible form. I don't actually know whether I want to store them in the UK or Asia. I have a safe here in Thailand, but that's not gun-to-the-head-proof. Thank you for the welcome. I think I'm probably looking to hold mainly gold, with some platinum and some silver. I don't really know how storage charges compare in the UK v Singapore. One issue is access. I'm more likely to go to the UK than Singapore, I guess the legal protections are comparable in both jursidictions. I'm looking to hedge against inflation, i.e..: USD, wh
  8. Well, it's taken a few days to get my account validated, and in the meantime, some of my questions have become a little redundant. I was going to ask people about the ins and outs of buying precious metals, in Asia, where I am (although I'm British). I've made an account with Baird's, despite reading the comments about them. I note they have an office in Singapore, but the Asia office never responded to my e-mail. I had some cash in Thai baht, for visa reasons, and now I don't need to have it here, and the rate is going the wrong way relative to the pound, so I've moved the mone
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