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  1. Got one of these nice bars for sale that I got for a good price from this thread. I am just looking to recoup what I paid as the money is preferable to me atm. £2160 plus SD Shipping I am also willing to use BYB intermediary service if need be to facilitate the sale.
  2. New to this game and echo the sentiment of sixgun, so far bought a mixture of bars and and coins with the view to add more over time..
  3. I'm also new to this game, I feel ya regarding the reluctance from buying from here but I have made 3 transactions from established members and they have been great! I have also made a purchase of 50 Britannia's from Atkinson's as they would be authentic and the prices are reasonable, they are finally due to be delivered today. Seeing as I plan to stack silver for the foreseeable, I feel being a paid member of this forum is money well spent.
  4. I am not surprised, fleabay is a den of thieves
  5. Sorry to hear that Ben, I also do not buy anything expensive from fleabay, hope you do get your money back..
  6. Kudos to you for having the stones to even attempt this
  7. pooley

    Gold steak

    The tommahawk looks like a golden axe
  8. pooley

    If only...

    Agreed nothing to lose they can only say no 😂
  9. pooley

    Best silver memes

    ^ made me chuckle
  10. Hey All, With fiat looking like fit for loo roll in the future and pensions worthless also with fellow gamers mining ethereum like crazy, damn GPU prices atm are INSANE! I'm looking at hopefully protecting some of my modest earnings with silver stacking and came across this fine forum! It seems a nice friendly space so much so signed up for a premium account.
  11. I'm new to this game and have dipped my toe in by having six 1oz maples coming from Germany. I wish I knew about this fine forum beforehand so I could have made a more informed decision regarding the tax situation. The extra tax is a bit of a letdown but I'm still looking forward to getting them!
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