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  1. very nice too , this Russian one !!!!!
  2. 2 metalor polished for me please ...
  3. Hi Everyone I'm Looking for a Silver coin for each of my Grand-kids at their Years of birth so 5 in total : - 1 X 2015 - 2 X 2016 - 2 X 2018 Its for kids so please only Animals or cartoons nothing too serious , and in order to avoid any problem the best it's too have all of the coins differents Thanks for you propositions Jeff
  4. Yes the Swiss one is beautiful too .. !
  5. Thanks.... 🙏... Yes good provider apparently .... ( OMG This coin is definitely really really nice ... )
  6. And what is the usual & realistic type of price for a Big Angel ?
  7. The big Angel is just ........... Whaoooo... Is it a 1 Once coin ?
  8. Whaaaaaaouh .... Impressive ... !!!...
  9. Thanks a lot Guys ... Can I ask another beginners's question : Is it better to keep the old patina even if they are " dirty " ? Or can we clean them ? Again : I'm not in a numismatic position but more in improving and diversify a silver stack for " Futur Warranties " Thanks
  10. Thanks Foster : So the pre 1920 is a little bit more expensive but more desirable than the pre 1947 because of the quantity of Silver .900 Vs .500 ? Right ?
  11. Thanks again ...🙏 In fact I'm stacking " Normal silver " like Britannia , & " normal gold" like Sovereign and 20 Francs gold I was hesitating about completed this precaution stack with some Pre- 1947 , not really as a investment but more for having quick liquidity just " in case"..
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