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  1. My ranking at this moment : 1. Britannia 2. Armenian Noah's Ark 3. Austrian Philharmonic
  2. Just learned that there are raffles. wow! THanks to the admin I hope I win. LOL.
  3. In my view oppressions always defend on an individuals knowledge and actions. I agree that USA is bit by bit losing its precious freedom. The Philippines is a former commonwealth of the USA. The situation here has spiraled from better to worse since the country's independence.
  4. I looked and it appears that Hongkong does not deliver here. https://www.bullionstar.com/ based in Singapore does. Good thing I have a friend who lives in Singapore for the direct payment when I am able Thank you.
  5. Yeah. I think they do. Just registered. Thank you.
  6. I tried this. but they only deliver to singapore. My biggest problem is... online dealers do not deliver to my country. all i have is one local online dealer. which has very limited selection and higher premiums. That is why i considered Chinese silver bars ( They deliver and has reasonable premiums ) Thank you for suggesting.
  7. That is sweet. 😀. I hope to get a Maple one day....
  8. There might be a law. But I am positive that the amount of time I would spend on trying to get some sort of compensation when victimized by counterfeits would be much bigger than the actual compensation. LOL. I agree. That only governments are allowed to counterfeit. in fact they are the legal mafias. It is sickening but we need to do what we need to do. And that is to know what are the things that we are allowed to do and always be very careful. You guys in America actually has more opportunity compared to us who lives in what "The authorities" calls "3rd" world.
  9. You have a point there. I will try to get them tested. My situation is quite different compared to guys living in the west. I pay a lot more because of taxes per oz That is why chinese silver bars are a bit attractive to me. main thing i must do is make sure its not fake.
  10. I am a noob stacker. Just started this month. so far I got 5.5 oz of coins ( 2 Kooks, 2.5 lunar series + 1 oz Krugerrand ) and 50 Grams Chinese silver bar. I just ordered additional 150 grams chinese silver bar.... I think i will continue to buy for the next 10 yrs. Thanks all.
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