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  1. Just wanted to give ye all a heads up its available on preorder in Germany here: https://auragentum.de/2-unzen-silbermuenze-queens-beasts-completer-coin-2021 Essential for completing the QB 2oz collection imo
  2. Seeing premiums of 80% + on these new coins. When will the madness end? Anyone seen it for less or are we destined to pay almost double the spot worth for any silver coins from now on. Makes stacking pretty much a hobby rather than a sound investment.
  3. Stackermatic

    Soapy bath?

    IPA is used to clean gold plated electronic contacts, so maybe dipping it in a bath of that after the soapy wash would get rid of any soapy residues and prevent water spots as it would evaporate away cleanly.
  4. I got a tube of them and every single one is perfect. Got to love the Perth Mint.
  5. Don't know anything about this shop but you might be able to grab one yet https://thecoinshoppe.ca/product/australian-dragon-2021-1-oz-1-pure-silver-bu-rectangular-coin-perth-mint/
  6. Thanks Martin, its great to get some "insider" knowledge here. I was on the fence about buying one of these online but now will put my money into something else shiny and presumably much prettier
  7. Gold Buffalo's back in stock at Coinvest. Bit saucy at ~€250 over spot but they are a beautiful coin and very hard to source now. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/american-buffalo/1-oz-american-buffalo-gold-coin-2021/
  8. Stackermatic

    UK Dealers

    Yeah I've heard the "Max 10% of equity in metals" thrown around quite a bit. And it's what I do.
  9. Sure hindsight is always best. Best thing I learnt over the years - cost averaging. I just set a date and bought Bitcoin every 2 weeks no matter the price. And you can see the Bitcoin chart now Doing the same with metals and stocks. As long as the bull market keeps going I will always win. Of course if we enter a bear market, if I just keep buying the average comes down with it. And ir doesn't have to be big money either - just throw some in that you will not miss (1% of salary even). Not financial advice, but talking from own experience. Gotta look at it long term.
  10. Probably "smart" money. They need to cover their massively leveraged longs in stocks and other commodities (OIL!) so metals are an easy dump.
  11. It's not really a store of value though is it? Gold is a far better store of value. Silver is currently at the same price as 30 years ago while everything else costs 3+ times more! I have no illusions about silver as an investment - I buy it cause I like owning physical (real) money. I never bought it to get rich. But I do believe in the laws of supply and demand and its very possible there will be a silver squeeze sometime in my life. So for now, I hold, covet and admire my stash.
  12. In Ireland it's worse - all gold found automatically belongs to the state. I so wish I could buy a little claim like they do in the US and spend weekends prospecting and sleeping under the stars
  13. And today silver drops even more. Ah well, can hope for sub 20
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