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  1. Well put. Imagine the scene when manufacturers start trying to buy and it gets harder and harder to 'find' in the vaults. I ain't selling for 'spot'... all of a sudden they're buying more FOR more and price moves higher and higher. Silver will be valued differently at that point. Of course this isn't happening in a vacuum and said cabal are obviously scheming away on a plethora of underhanded plots as we speak so who knows how it ends. However it ends, I hope jail time is involved. All we can do is slay this beast immediately in front of us and move on to the next one.
  2. Consider it watched/read. Sounds like something that's up my street - appreciate the heads up. Since we are all hitting the books at the minute, I could recommend "Influence" and "Pre-Suasion" by Robert Cialdini. Also gives you great insight into the dark arts. The thing that I am encouraged about is that that phenomenon that we have all experienced after purchasing something off a dodgy salesman or being duped by a conman appears to be happening around the world. People are waking up to the corruption and deception which has to be a great thing and catalyst for change. Thanks again for the recommend HerefordBullyun 👍
  3. You make some great points. I would also say that buying on the selling section of TSF probably doesn't really make much difference unless the person doing the selling is replenishing their stocks from a refinery etc.. In other words, buying silver that's already out of the system shouldn't make a difference. When I see guys like Robert Kiyosaki buying truckloads of the stuff, I'm good with that. It's great to see the younger generation(s) using their passionate ideological power to achieve something positive. They are so often manipulated by powers that be but appear to be rising up against it.
  4. I'm with you there. I HOPE that we knock a few banks out of existence, remove certain people from the global political sphere of influence and hold our actual elected politicians and 'experts' to account (preferably by trial for crimes against humanity) and keep our little system. I'm reading a book by Lindsay Williams at the minute called "How to seduce a nation" - you might enjoy a read of it. Well good to exchange thoughts and ideas mate and I wish you all the best in this completely mad world 😀
  5. I don't think I disagree with anything you have said there. Who knows where this thing ends? I take the view that the system is corrupt to the core, including the government (as illustrated in their self-harming overreaction to the scamdemic to justify their tyrannical oppression) and especially the media who clearly simply act as a mouthpiece for the powers that be. We the people have been oppressed for long enough and this is a first step in us setting about change. Will it change how the world looks... probably, but so long as we get our freedoms back, I will be happy. Many might be happy to go along with the Covid-1984 narrative but I completely reject it and see it as part of the whole plan to walk the world into a new world order. We have an opportunity to shut them down before the trials begin and we give ourselves a bit of respite until the next attack! haha Ultimately, we're delaying the inevitable (as shown in Revelation) but I kind of like the idea of taking down a corrupt system once in my lifetime. It might be head in the clouds for some, but there are plenty of people awake and taking action. The silver movement is a broad church and your reasons for investing in silver I get entirely. I wish I didn't believe the world needed to change so radically, but I do. Therefore, my purchases are not just for wealth perseveration or otherwise, they are political, philosophical and passionate. Plenty of p's in there haha
  6. Tommy you strike me as an experienced investor and one who has grown a bit cynical 🤣 I just think this is a different world now but I understand how you take the view you have. Amen brother
  7. The only thing I would say about the new blood coming into the market is that they have been well educated and I think there has been a good emphasis on the long-term holding of silver. A lot of these guys are not just planning on jumping out after a bit of a rise. They (of which I am one) are in it to make a change in the world, and that starts with burning these banks to the ground, and reseting things (not in the way WEF, IMF, IBS etc etc want). We the people are rising up against the corrupt system. I don't think there has been a market correction like this one.
  8. I'm with John Adams. Once the masses catch on that the ETF/Ps are backed by jack and convert/liquidate to physical, it's game over.
  9. I've initially purchased a roll of 1/4 ounce Noah's Ark because I'm a miser. As you can see from the above, everyone has spoiled me for choice but I'm trying to source the old coins, small bars and grain too. Something to give them variety. I like the idea of the old coins too because of the history and education value. It's a great lesson to teach them to spot and calculate value from something that isn't fiat. So no cutting for me! 🤣
  10. Wow! Didn't know about these little guys before! They are definitely on my radar now! Good way to get them ready for 100ozers in the future!
  11. Excellent point, probably as big a deal as any I've heard actually. To get around that I'd thought about having the family safe which will consist of a pretty pathetic cash box with a key. Within, there will be circa 30 ounces in various sizes. Anything else is stored at various locations for security reasons and won't be known the kids. Thanks for making the comment and suggestion - food for us all and always good to be reminded to keep stacking/collecting on the downlow.
  12. Okay guys you are fuelling my addiction here! Too many ideas 😂
  13. Is that for real? 1/4 oz silver Brits? I thought we could only get them in 1 oz?
  14. Yes, I like the idea of that. The bonus is it gives them a bit of variety. I'm also thinking of getting them some interesting 1 ounce coins to encourage them to keep them rather than just spending on rubbish. Might even get a little coin collector out of it! 😀
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