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  1. Will the 1oz gold bullion queens beasts be a limited mintage?
  2. Does anyone know when the 2oz billion will be released ? I can see the 1oz gold is already for sale.
  3. Missed out on all of them 🥲 the coins look absolutely fantastic
  4. What the best and easiest way to remove them stickers on the bars ? even when I removed mine there’s still some sticky residue left.
  5. When did you return it please ? im sending mine off today.
  6. I’m sending mine tomorrow
  7. Ok a question the 3 graces 2oz silver is worth about £2,000 right now, if I get it graded and it comes back 70 graded how much do you think it would be worth ? I’m thinking of grading the coin but the stress of getting the coin in the first place and then if I decide to get it graded then there’s more stress of sending it etc..
  8. Hi billy can you send me the link I need a couple for the una & the lion bars thanks
  9. I’m sure this question has been asked before but I really want to get my 3 graces coin graded however with the lockdown restrictions in place I’m unable to drop the coin off in London as I’m about 5 hours drive from the offices of ngc.. what options have I got as I don’t really want to send the coin via special delivery because if it does go missing I’m only covered for the price I paid and that is £250 and not the marketplace value. thanks and appreciate any advice
  10. Well I purchased a few James Bond bars so I’m hoping they will be sought after when the movie is released
  11. What’s the cut off date for the first release on the 3 graces and if I sent the coin after the date which I’ve found is I think 15th March would it devalue the coin after it’s been graded.
  12. Need to check mine when I go home will let you know
  13. My coin has a mark on the observe and just rang royal mint and as a few of you have mentioned if it’s below pf68 they will replace the coin, just to add the lady on phone was absolutely wonderful.. so will be sending my coin back tomorrow hoping for a replacement.
  14. Just got my coin today without any despatch email got a small mark ☹️
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