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  1. Extraordinary - I'm in awe. Would a lead lined box negate one of those then?
  2. You know when you get told a story that sounds so outlandish.. (for the last 6 years, am I right? 😁) I am asking if there is seriously a possibility this is true. A friend regaled me about a long story of his father's burglary some years ago, during which his gold was stolen from behind a filing cabinet, with nothing else touched. He went on to say a family over the road had the same very specific robbery happen to them. He seemed to indicate it was believed to be a gold detector of some sort and said they would now put any holdings in a lead lined box. I pointed our a few al
  3. I'm actually something of a fan of trying to waste these guys time. Usually the scam will take you through to a call centre and they'll try to persuade you to give them info or type in something so they can grab your computer remotely. I put them on speaker phone at my desk while I'm working on something else and just take ages to do what they tell me. Up to the crucial point that something they do may be damaging, then just change the topic or muck about. Record is 15.35 mins. However, I if you want to see a professional, YouTube Kitboga. Glorious.
  4. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19349514.victims-lose-500-000-north-yorkshire-gold-bullion-scam/ Some shenanigans?
  5. Exactly. Seems like a chance to get cheap bitcoin. Wonder what the gold/bitcoin ratio is 🙂
  6. Just available in BTC? Surely that's just a punt in the price of btc?
  7. Curious, can they declare a low mintage and then extend it to produce more or are you saying you don't believe mintage for this is low?
  8. There'll be a 1/4 ounce gold available soon as I sent mine back with buyers remorse 🙃
  9. How would one straighten it (or more likely who would you recommend I got 5o straighten it?)
  10. This is practically OnlyFans. Room for a Platinum Member?
  11. Say you saw inflation coming without saying you saw inflation coming 😮
  12. Yeah, I'm certainly over my initial reaction when i saw £319 but then £349 in the body of the print. Fully onboard with the move theyre making.
  13. Good news, it turned up this morning, so all is well. Thanks again @LawrenceChard for your input, and absolutely @Coolsmp for spotting it. Bravo.
  14. I said warts and all! Thank you
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