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  1. supposably since the squeeze started in Feb it has drained over 37 million ounces from the comex and lowered demand for paper silver (according to a write up on Seekingalpha), but at the cost of increasing premiums and reducing availability of physical silver, so seems the real winners are the dealers who could justify raising premiums while at the same time moving stock quickly. Right now if I could afford spending another $2616 +$450 USD in premiums (which is what it would cost me locally) on a 100 oz of silver I would rather buy gold (though I have bought 62 oz of silver since Feb.)
  2. The misguided wallstreetsilver "silver squeeze" has had a big effect on the availability of silver bullion, lots of places with extended wait times and or taking pre orders not to mention higher then normal premiums. to achieve the goal of the "silver squeeze" they should be targeting the unallocated 1000 oz bars in the Comex vaults but that would require a lot of money ($26,000+ USD a bar) so instead of hurting Comex which is their goal they are helping the mints and dealers make a larger profit.
  3. My local pm dealer (Spokane Valley, Wa USA) just last week raised his premium from $4.50 USD up to $5.00 ($4.75 on over 100 oz) but still a lot better then can be found from online dealers (which if you are lucky you might find 10 oz bars for $5.50 over spot the 1 oz premium is at least $6 over spot (some dealers much higher)) only problem with my local dealer is he can't keep silver in stock, it sells as fast as he gets it so have to keep an eye on his webpage and phone as soon as something is listed. He did only charge me 4.75 over spot on the 30 oz I got last week and $65 over spot for the
  4. I realized I confused 2 different businesses so edited post
  5. I am new to stacking while I did buy 10 oz at $4.50 over spot, looking online seeing them asking 5.50-7.50 over spot is making me think of gold, going off the fact it can be had at 2.50 a gram over spot if you buy by the oz and a gram of gold is worth slightly more then 2 oz of silver even paying 4-5 a gram over spot buying 10 or 20 gram bars (below 10 grams the premium isn't worth it) seems like a better deal.
  6. Hi all I am new to this and doing lots of research, dipped my toes in and got a small bit of silver, posted a picture in the Bars photo thread (page 15) now I am just reading and waiting until prices of either silver or gold goes low enough to buy. though if any one knows any history of National Refiners & assay I would appreciate to hear about it.
  7. My start at stacking (I also have 2 ASE to bring it up to a troy pound)
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