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  1. I am new to stacking while I did buy 10 oz at $4.50 over spot, looking online seeing them asking 5.50-7.50 over spot is making me think of gold, going off the fact it can be had at 2.50 a gram over spot if you buy by the oz and a gram of gold is worth slightly more then 2 oz of silver even paying 4-5 a gram over spot buying 10 or 20 gram bars (below 10 grams the premium isn't worth it) seems like a better deal.
  2. Hi all I am new to this and doing lots of research, dipped my toes in and got a small bit of silver, posted a picture in the Bars photo thread (page 15) now I am just reading and waiting until prices of either silver or gold goes low enough to buy. though if any one knows any history of National Refiners & assay I would appreciate to hear about it.
  3. My start at stacking (I also have 2 ASE to bring it up to a troy pound)
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