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  1. I started collecting silver purely as an investment. Purely getting the most volume for the best price. Not interested in designs at all as it’s purpose is purely to protect wealth. That was then. Now I find it more appealing to collect “sets” and limited runs irrespective of price, which as you can imagine causes quite a conflict of interest between my brain and my bank account!
  2. "Silver is the means by which people settle debts. Gold is the means by which countries settle debts" Put simply, central banks are in a whole different league to you and I.
  3. Not to derail the topic at all but does anyone else wish they’d abandon rose gold in favour of the more pleasant mix that the older sovereigns had? Wishful thinking I know but I can’t help but feel the new ones look too much like shiny pennies!
  4. As with any investment I think it’s always good to diversify. Grab some AMEs, maples, kangaroos etc to go along with your staple Britannia’s. At the end of the day an ounce of silver is an ounce of silver but having a variety can’t hurt, especially when some coins demand more of a premium over others.
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