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  1. I’m liking the 10oz pamp mate
  2. Message sent regarding the 500g bar
  3. Hello mate, Would you consider any discount for whatever you have left if I took the lot? Cheers 👍
  4. 40 x 1oz Sunshine Mint Rounds 19 x Scotiabank 1oz Bars 18 x 2016 1oz Maples 10 x 2016 Kangaroos £28 each plus postage of your choice… Or £135 for 5 plus postage of your choice… Or £265 for 10 plus postage of your choice… Or £520 for 20 plus postage of your choice… Can mix and match! ☺️ (Bank Transfer Only)
  5. Fair enough bud, I will get back to you later on 👍 (If there are any left)
  6. If you meant no disrespect then you could have just said no mate! I assumed that the "no offers" were on individual items, not all of them!
  7. How many do you have left? Would you do a deal on all of them?
  8. I live in Jersey so if you need anyone to look into anything then just ask, and I will help in any way I can.
  9. I would also like to enquire about delivery to the UK please.
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