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  1. Yeah they are stunning, I had to have one in the stack.
  2. I bought a new 2021 1oz gold buffalo not to long back @£1418 when spot was £1270.
  3. I just checked my statement from Lloyds and the same also applies. it’s lucky I came across this thread (never read statements or changes🤦‍♂️) And always use my credit cards for all my gold purchases and pay off in full each month. 2021 1oz type ll gold eagle yesterday. 😍 so if I buy another next month on my credit card, will I be charged a fee for doing so and interest instantly?
  4. Yeah I suppose your right 🙂 if it only ever went one way, but unless your looking to get out when it hits a price or not stacking no more then surely you wanna buy on dips bringing your average down = more profits?
  5. Am new to stacking myself only started January I started off with a few 1/4 oz Britannia’s (ended up with 4 so had an oz ) these are nice coins but premiums are a lot i also bought a few sovereigns which I’ll now likely stack mainly but I will buy 1oz gold coins as I do like them acquired a Britannia and a buffalo up to now lovely coins.
  6. Am quite new to stacking gold/silver in fact any investments really only started this year as I earn a decent wage probably above average, but have always just spent what I earn on whatever, now I get to spend and save at the same time🙂 My question is why wouldn’t you want the price to come down a touch more say to £1260? I sort of Understand why you don’t want it to go sub £1000 or lower. are you done stacking and waiting to sell would it not be good to drop a touch more and buy some more?
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