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  1. Hi guys, I think I have got this in to the right thread. Apologies if not. I am looking for 100g of silver (or silver shot) worthy of melting. Please could you let me know if you have any? Cheers shane
  2. Big shoutout to @RiverbankSilverso their super quick delivery of my @BackyardBullion bars! Absolutely love them!
  3. Yep Yossef buddy. Very quick to reply too! Glad I now have him and you as a contact
  4. Thanks everyone! I got in touch with Technical Supermarket and they refunded me right away as they didn’t have a replacement. So in turn I have bough the bigger temperature controlled R9D-33 from them. They and @BackyardBullionboth recommended this model so it should be a good one. I will keep you all posted! In all I have had a good experience with Technical Supermarket.
  5. Cheers @HerefordBullyun frustrating indeed. Now just looking at the best way to start again.. buy a decent blow torch and start slow or go all out and buy a £250 furnace..
  6. Thank you buddy, I will get in touch with Edinburgh Assay tomorrow to see how they can help me
  7. So I started on my new venture tonight to make my first bar and it was an absolute mare. The cheap furnace I bought from technical supermarket didn’t even have the power to melt 31g of fine silver. I even left it running for 2 hours with no luck. I guess the moral of the story is buy cheap, buy twice! Now I need to go through and complain hoping I can get a swift refund. If not a bank charge back it is! This isn’t a failure, it’s the beginning and can’t wait to make my own bars @BackyardBullionplease don’t laugh at this 😂😂
  8. @BackyardBullion I hope you are well buddy. I just had a really long and interesting call with Assay London and the gentleman explained that Bullion does not fall under the UK hallmark act thus no legal requirement to get my bars hallmarked. He also said that it’s not work that they take on? Now, I WANT TO get our bars hallmarked.. maybe you could share how and where you gets yours done? Is it in another Assay office? Any help would be amazing.
  9. Hey guys, You some of you know I am starting to make my own bars for resale, but when I queried the process with Assay they said this? No hallmark required and they will drill the bar? “Hope you are well! Refined bars do not need hallmarks to be sold. We would be drilling these bars for a certificate and stamping with a serial number that would match with your certificate. You do not need to register with us for this service but you would need to fill in a special assay form, which I have attached for you. I have also attached our price list
  10. Thanks a lot gents!
  11. Hey guys, Would any anyone be able to direct me to UK supplier who sells melting furnaces for circa £250? I can only find Europe or China suppliers and they are all on eBay. Cheers guys
  12. Thanks a lot buddy. I guess it would be a good idea for me to start with 925 that work my way up. I will certainly have a look at that way of refining. I have tons of space and am really keen to setup and get practicing
  13. Hey all, thanks for your help on the Assay process, I’m currently planning my apparatus setup to start melting and casting rounds which I will submit through the Assay process. My question really is, is there a cheaper way to buy 999 silver for the purpose of melting and casting? The reason for my ask is because I don’t think I could bring myself to buy Britannia’s for the purpose of melting. They just feel too precious the way they are. Is it even possible to buy silver closer to spot price these days? Thanks all!!
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