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  1. Im already signed up with him. Ive ordered 2 just for the metal content more than anything. I only really buy second hands so I'm used to dents, scratches and spots xD.
  2. https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2021-robin-hood-myths-legends-1oz-silver-bullion-coin/ There might be some quality issues from the mint with this coin, but for new bullion £28.99 is still cheaper than allot of second hand bullion.
  3. Not sure if its a good deal but Sharpspixley has mixed date maples going for £27.70. Cheaper than most new and second hands I've seen. https://www.sharpspixley.com/1oz-canadian-maple-leaf-silver-coin-mixed-years
  4. I think so. Ive brought some silver brits off them before and they seemed fine. I think they tend to be cheaper for individual purchases but they don't seem to have a discount for buying multiples.
  5. Yeah im sure one will pop up somewhere soon 👍
  6. Yeah it's close enough to a 1/4 oz for me. And a bit cheaper than the 1/4 oz brit so suits my budge pretty well.
  7. The 1/2 oz brit does look very cool. The hard work you have put it will make it even more worth it when you get one . I think bullionbypost and some others have 1/2 oz brits. Ditto, my first coin was a silver brit 2021. They look awesome.
  8. Thank you. Yeah the worst part XD
  9. Im not too sure. From what I can tell the modern sovs look like that due to the copper added. But I might be mistaken.
  10. Awesome I got my first one today for £328.50 (hope it was a good deal XD), cant wait for it to arrive
  11. Yeah I'm going to stick with the Sovs and Brits, seems like the best approach. Thank you for the advice mate
  12. I'm not really interested in numismatics. I'm mainly stacking to build up as much as I can as close to spot as I can for my retirement and a way to hedge inflation.
  13. Awesome, Ive seen some vids on them and they look very cool. I shall give them a deeper look. Thank you for the advice
  14. I was very tempted by the 1/4 brit esp with the 24ct and I think it looks better, but in the end the cheaper sov won me over. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing and mix which I get each time for the diversity. Thank you for the insight and advice
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