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  1. rooster


    Thank you very much, and good luck with your collection.
  2. rooster

    completed (By Platinum Member) 10x 1oz scotsdale silver bars

    £36 each+post And £35+post for the toned bar (top right) it is only a tiny bit of brown which you can clean of.
  3. rooster


    Thank you.
  4. rooster


    Yea, that is true. Thanks
  5. rooster


    That sounds like a good idea. Thanks.
  6. rooster


    Does it go down in spring becaullgge they don't release any coins then? Oh,ok. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. rooster


    I would want to collect as many coins as I can because I came from collecting loads of 50p's, £3 etc and just love all the different designs. Is the forum better than Facebook?
  8. rooster


    I want to collect mostly coins and a few bars and get as much of it as I can. And then also buying cheap silver when it very low and then selling when it is high again.
  9. rooster


    Hi dicker, I'm thinking of investing in 10oz silver coins and tubes of like 25x 1oz or like 2oz.
  10. rooster


    Does it go down in spring because they don't release any coins then?
  11. rooster


    Thank you very much for letting me know, I will definitely get the membership when I start to buy when silver is slightly lower.
  12. rooster


    Thank you so much for this information. This is very useful. Thank you😊.
  13. rooster


    Hi there as I'm new to collecting silver and new to well everything, do you have any advice on starting to stack silver? And I have also seen this term 'bump' being used when people sell. What does this mean and is there any other slang words in the precious metals community?
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