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  1. I may well end up employing a similar strategy 😂
  2. I’d talked myself out of stacking any silver at the moment due to VAT and the massive premiums, but very tempted by one of the 1oz silver bars for their collectability...they do look great!
  3. Nice! Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the deal if it’s still going? I think that would be a nice way to start my collection. Thank you!
  4. Yet to own any precious metals, but how things are looking I may focus on gold (despite the more scary costs involved for sovereigns), given the prices for silver currently unless I find any coins I really like or see to be a good deal (e.g. posted for £30 or less).
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to engaging with discussions on the forum and hopefully picking up my first silver before too long.
  6. Hi everyone, Firstly, a big thank you for the wealth of information contained on this site, I’ve had a thorough read over the last few days and whilst I think I’m understanding the basics, am sure I’ll have more questions in due course! I hit my 30th birthday not too long ago, which prompted me to get a bit more of a grip on my personal finances. So whilst I wish I’d started years ago, I guess the second best time is now...so I have been investing cautiously in the stock market over the last year or so and would also like to diversify into precious metals. Both as a collecting hobby
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