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  1. The 1oz are flying out. They are adorably cute.
  2. These are gorgeous pieces. Grabbed a couple for myself. The 10oz silver and 1oz gold are quite slow to move on their website (I started tracking web stock quotas like some others). Do you think there's a correlation in these sales because additional VAT and the decreased certainty of precious metals purchasing for their short to mid term future as opposed to alternative investment methods like bond yields. Either way, they are gorgeous. Great alternative to the Britannia at the same £ cost
  3. However, Axial is an excellent way of doing it if you have the space for a setup.
  4. Hey Swampy, Great question to ask. There are many ways to get a good 'enough' picture with out blowing budgets. There are some great tips already mentioned here. Here's some basic pointers to get started. - A clean lense will make a huge difference on your camera phone. Give it a wipe with a lense cleaner or a clean soft cotton tee shirt. It will make the colours and shadow contrast pop instead look like peeking through vaseline. - Good lighting will help a lot. Digital sensors and jpeg compression get maxxed to compensate for dimly lit environments. So make it as light as
  5. HiAndy

    for sale or exchange QB for sale or trade

    Hi, Please can you tell me which number it is on the certificate of your proof coin.
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