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  1. Hi sorry but they are both gone now I still have the 1978 Guernsey silver proof coin
  2. Update all 2021 britanias are now sold Still have 2018, 2019 and 1978 coins left
  3. Update 10 sold awaiting payment 10 x 2021 1x 2018 1x 2019
  4. Looking at selling some of my silver britannias With premiums still being High just seeing if anyone would like to get some from me Looking £27.50 pound each pictures of all the coins below they have all been kept in a safe and coin capsules and will come in capsules. Buyer will pay for postage and payment will be via PayPal friends and family or direct bank transfer 1x 1978 bailiwick of Guernsey royal visit coin in case (this coin will be £26 pound as its an older coin) 1 x 2019 silver britannia 1x 2018 silver britannia 20x 2021 silver britannias
  5. Well I'm sure alot of people are in the same boat
  6. Yer I just think its all abit of a joke tbh they shouldn't be allowed to do it but its all buy and demand I suppose when something is in high demand there people see there opportunity make more money. All I know is I'm not buying any silver till it drops atleast alittle
  7. Anyone any ideas of when the premiums on silver might fall? I think they are stupid high right now and I'm not buying until they fall aloy more
  8. Hi do you have any silver britannias left?
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