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  1. Many thanks to you and Mrs BYB for all your hard work and to all others who pulled strings behind the scenes. Being a newbie in this world it just adds to a wee sense of belonging if you understand me?
  2. That is the problem with working weird hours in that you don't always get to see the messages that quickly. I look forward to receiving the loot and whatever number I was allocated...👍
  3. Credit where due - I ordered a few bits and pieces off the mint and they have arrived promptly and in decent condition (bullion - including a silver Una/Lion Bar). Included in the delivery is the long awaited QB bullion coin. As to the refund when I asked for a replacement - I should have been more alert - so lesson taken on board.
  4. The face reminds me of an ex...🤐😳 Yes, I like the design...
  5. Same here, I had a badly scratched QB bullion coin and sent it back asking for an exchange. They instead refunded the investment wallet. I buy in one's and two's because of budget - so I am narked off to say the least when other coins of the QB series have been shown as "pending" for over a month. A phone call to a very nice Welsh lass elicted the promise of "we will chase this up" but as of yet nothing. The bullion part of the mint seems to suffer from pretty severe issues regarding quality and customer service to say the least. Back to using private dealers again i.e @LawrenceCha
  6. I have some digigold as it was an easier way to get myself into the market as a complete novice on a very limited budget. Thew drawback is that you are tied to the Mint which acts in it's own mysterious ways and the trading platform is more than a bit clunky. It is expensive - however it is relatively quick to liquidate when required. You do own title to the gold but it is part of a bar and others also own part of that bar. And it is non convertible of course. As the above writer as pointed out there is no recourse to the FCSC (as is made clear in the tiny smallprint) however
  7. What a beautiful set of coins...it isn't procrastination putting me off- it's affordability!
  8. As someone on a limited budget my first piece of physical gold is 1/10th ounce Britannia - oofftt at the premium but hey. Bit of an impulse buy (the worst I suppose) but I now own my first piece of gold.
  9. Same email - for a giggle I went on BBP and was met with wall to wall "awaiting stock". Buy! Buy! Buy! (if we have it in... ;-)). edit - even the Royal Mint is getting in on the pumping action - just received an email urging me to buy now as the price is a dropping...
  10. Some of you have stuck very lucky by the looks. What a beautiful design - in the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with a few Perth lunar mint coins from Mr Chard which should be arriving by Monday!
  11. Thank you so much. I am on a very limited budget so huge premiums ahoy I guess. I won't be contributing much but will be doing a lot of reading.
  12. One of many I suspect - my interest is basically in the lunar cycle of coins from various mints - to collect over time. Best wishes Cog.
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