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  1. Exactly! Ironically, I was a bit worried about the courier or postman leaving the parcel outside the wrong house! I never expected the parcel to be lacking in coins though!
  2. Also, in these crazy times, the parcel is simply left outside after a knock at the door! So it would be tricky to converse with the delivery driver, weigh it and speak to him about it! He simply signs for it himself and walks away. I dread to think what would happen if the delivery driver left the parcel at the wrong house as he would sign for it and walk off! I had a few inexpensive signed for parcels (not bullion) left outside the door and the postman didn't even knock! I only discovered them several hours after they were signed for (checking the Royal mail website to check the tim
  3. If they do reject the complaint, I shall be naming and shaming everywhere but let's hope it doesn't come to that! The weight of the parcel is printed on the UPS parcel label so they can't dispute the weight - they will also have a record of how much it cost them to send the parcel and its weight at the time of shipping.
  4. Yes it's definitely worth checking - in future I'm going to check the parcel straightaway and video the unboxing! I still haven't had a reply from the dealer but I'm hoping they will on Monday. At the end of the day, the difference in weight is indisputable
  5. I bought some capsules for the future too so the parcel weighed more but the bottom line is the weight of my total order must have been at least 300g lighter than the order stated on the invoice. Yes, I guess it could be human error if they assumed there's 25 coins per tube but it all seems pretty strange for an established dealer to mess this up. As I say, it's the first time I've ever bought any sort of bullion but once this is sorted out, I hope it won't put me off future purchases. The tubes were Treasury United States Mint with green tops
  6. I bought American silver Eagles - I bought 50 and received 2 tubes, each containing 20 coins.
  7. I just checked the parcel and thankfully I didn't damage the courier's label when opening it so the weight of the parcel is still very clear. So the dealer should be able to realise that the parcel was light to the tune of 10 silver coins - 10 coins weigh a fair bit (well over 300g) so I'm hoping this will help. I haven't mentioned the weight of the parcel to the dealer yet - they still haven't replied to my email that I sent this morning but I'll give them until Monday to reply.
  8. Many thanks for all the replies. I'm trying not to stress about it too much! That's an excellent idea to record every unpacking - I'll definitely do that in the future. No, they didn't leave a note about the shortfall - the invoice clearly shows 50 coins when only 40 were sent out - there were 2 capsules, each containing 20 coins. I am hoping that they have their own video evidence when they packed the coins. Also, their stock control system should show they have an excess of 10 coins in stock. That is excellent advice about the weight of the parcel - I shall also check th
  9. Many thanks for your interest. I should add that I checked the number 5 times and I also have 10 'spare' capsules that I ordered from the same dealer!! So I definitely have a shortfall of 10 coins! In the old days, I'd probably be shouting the dealer's name from the rooftops already but I think it's only fair for me to give them a chance to resolve this.
  10. Many thanks for your reply. I can fully understand you being intrigued as to who it is but it's only fair for me to allow the dealer to respond. I only discovered the shortfall this morning and emailed the dealer this morning. The dealer hasn't replied yet but they may not be at work until Monday. I am hoping it is a genuine mistake that can be fully resolved but I'm already getting a bit stressed over it and this is literally my first ever coin or metal transaction!
  11. I finally took the plunge and bought some silver coins from a well established dealer. I was absolutely gutted to see that they sent 10 less coins than I ordered and I have therefore been diddled out of over £300! I've just emailed the dealer and trust this will be resolved but I just wondered if this has ever happened to anyone else. This is the first time I've ever bought any coins so it's a pretty disappointing start, to put it mildly!!
  12. Many thanks for all the replies re: handling silver and gold coins - I'll invest in some of those Nitrile gloves to handle them. This might sound a silly question but when storing gold coins such as Sovereigns, do they also need to be stored with a silica pouch or tarnish strip or will just storing gold coins in capsules be ok?
  13. I've been considering purchasing some Gold Sovereigns as a long term investment. I'm also interested in potentially buying a 1oz Pamp gold bar, however I was a bit put off this idea when I saw a few gold plated Pamp bars on eBay for around £50! These gold plated bars are in similar packaging to the real thing and a bit of research lead to a 2016 article online about fake Pamp bars. It just got me thinking that if I come to resell the Pamp bars in years to come, would they be harder to resell than the Gold Sovereigns as some people could think they are fake? I'd never consider buying any
  14. Is it advisable to use something like a Town Talk polishing cloth to polish silver coins and bars in long-term storage or is it best not to polish them but to leave the coins in capsules and the bars in Town Talk bags? Many thanks
  15. Many thanks for all the information and the links to previous posts. If I was to buy a silver bar that came in clear plastic packaging, am I best to keep it in the original packaging and then store it in a Town Talk bag with some anti-tarnish strips or I should I take the silver out of the original packaging and then place it in the Town Talk bag? Thanks again
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